Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Punching People for Jesus!

This is hilarious!

It's funny how often atheists receive anonymous threats like this. Unlike the rest of us, who use most of our brains, Christians use only the amygdala. Speaking rationally to Christian trolls is a waste of time, unless you need a good LOL at the moment.


Ahab said...

I certainly hope that caller never creates a ministry called "Punching Your Fat Face in for Jesus." Breaking other people's noses isn't a very effective proselytization strategy.

LadyAtheist said...

unless you heal it right away afterward!

ex-minister1 said...

did you see this one?

Gonna Punch You In The Head For Jesus

L.Long said...

Mary & Co telling lies is VERY probable. When a gal gets knocked up and NOT married what is to be done??? Convince everyone it is by g0d, and your chance of survival is increased. Worked for Hercules' mom.