Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Reasons why the Christian God isn't worth Worshiping

If I were to believe in an ancient fairy tale of supernatural entities reading minds, interfering with fate, and setting down rules, I don't think I'd worship *the* God of my culture.  Why?  There are many many many things wrong with this "god" but I have a top 10 list for starters:

10.  Weak ego.  He needs to be worshiped to the point of expecting people to behave themselves in order to do what? Spend eternity worshipping him in Heaven.  What a loser.

9.   He's perfect, and he created us in his own image... really?  He has a tailbone and weak lower back?  He is allergic to the plants and animals that he himself created?  Does he forget where he put his car keys?  Well, maybe he likes puppies.  That would be a point in his favor.  But seriously, how can a superior being create inferior beings and then say they're in "his image?"

8.  Supposed to be unchangeable but keeps changing his mind.  If you trace his approach to punishment from the "Fall" through the End-Times, you would never know what theory of justice he subscribes to.  He has wiped out the whole "world," countries, cities, and punished the children of sinners to the seventh generation.  Then he decides, nah, sacrifice an animal to the priests at the temple and I'll let you off.  Then he decides to spare the animals and sacrifices Jesus.  ... but then he threatens everyone with Hell.  Which is it?

7.  Stopped talking to us.  He used to talk to prophets.  Now he only talks to schizophrenics.  What gives?  Doesn't he love us anymore?

6.  Can't get his people to agree on anything.  There are three religions that supposedly believe in him.  Each of them has numerous large and small branches.  Is this the big ego at play again?  Being so obtuse that billions of people argue about what he's like?  Is that how he gets his attention?  Why not spell it out?  He's GOD for Pete's sake.  He could engrave the whole *CORRECT* bible on the walls of the Grand Canyon!  Why hasn't he?

5.  Poor communicator.  See #6 above.  He could speak plainly if he wanted to.  He supposedly made Ronald Reagan and Dubya Bush, who were plain-speaking idiots who knew how to reach "the folk."  If he could make people who could communicate like that why can't he speak like that himself?

4.  Bad parenting skills.  Right from the get-go he's a jerk as a parent.  "Don't touch that apple!!!  Oh darn you touched the apple!  Now I have to condemn you and all your children and their children for eternity.  Bad kids, bad."  WTF?  He made the apple!  Why put temptation within reach?

3.  Poor designer.  "Intelligent" design my arse, literally.  When I fell on my arse I broke my tailbone.  WTF?  Why do I have a tailbone and why is it so easy to break it?  And then after I broke it I was told that nothing could be done for it that wouldn't make it hurt worse.  It hurt for TEN YEARS.  What kind of "intelligent" designer would give us tails that you can't even see and then make them hurt like crap?  Despite designing perfect people they sometimes come out with real tails.  Sometimes their spines are outside their bodies.  Sometimes they have no legs or hands or feet.  WTF?  That's pretty stupid design.  Would you let him design your car?  or your 747?  I wouldn't let him design a dishcloth.

2.  Supernatural.  He created a natural world then expected us to believe in magic.  But the only thing understandable to us is the natural.  We can't figure out his magic... except when we can of course.  There are too many weaknesses in the supernatural claims for anyone who has paid attention to the natural world to believe.  God needs to do something demonstrably supernatural to smart people, not just spring happy coincidences on his dunces once in awhile.

1.  Too much like the other gods of other religions.  They're all waaaay too much like insecure human despotic rulers and not enough like actual magical beings.  They're all vague.  They all made an imperfect world.  They all allowed their believers to splinter.  They all resemble the leaders of their own cultures way too much to be above those cultures.


Ahab said...

I agree with the bad parenting skills part -- he didn't lift a finger when his son was crucified!

Never Was An Arrow II said...

10) God doesn't need anything.

9) Image is about qualities, not appearance.

8) There was an evolution of Covenants. The final Covenant is through Jesus. There are no further covenants.

7) He talks to everyone through all kinds of methods.

Through dreams, your friends, strangers, your enemies…nature, your conscience, the books of the Bible …but perfectly and finally through Jesus Christ.

6) Your life is the only thing you get from God on a silver platter. Everything else you'll have to work for.

"My kingdom is a kingdom of love."
Jesus 33AD

Jesus spelled it out perfectly for everyone that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He spoke plainly AND in riddles. Depending on the disposition of the hearer.

5) God is a great communicator. Most people are poor listeners. Seek and you'll find. In any field of life there are no rewards for the half-hearted.

4) Please tell me you're not that simple…

3) Sin brought imperfection into the world.

2) So the world is not as you would have it? Maybe you should rip up your union card!?

1) Jesus was above his culture.
He set himself against every Jewish religious faction at the time. He denounced the establishment. He counselled his followers to not be like the pagans. He ushered in the New Covenant and when his own followers hesitated, he asked them if they wanted to leave as well? He spoke to his creation, in stories and parables. Once through the prophets, then in person. He delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus was foreshadowed in the Old Testament and revealed in the New. He declared himself to be man and God. None of the other religious leaders stated anything like that.
He doesn't resemble anybody…

GearHedEd said...
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GearHedEd said...

" Jesus was foreshadowed in the Old Testament and revealed in the New."

Huge fail.

If Jesus was part of the eternal trinity from before the foundation of the earth, then "the Fall" was a total set-up: Adam and Eve had no real choice, because if they could choose not to sin, then Jesus' raison d'etre vanishes.

And if Adam and Eve could NOT choose to sin, then they had no free will.

Complete paradox.

Your religion makes you stupid.

B.R. said...

10) Then he doesn't require prayers, devotion, worship, churches, and sure as hell doesn't need money(tithes). You just refuted your own religion. Q.E.D.

9) That's what she was saying, Einstein. Go back and read the post.

8) Then do the Jews reject your cult as nonsense(and always have)? If Jesus had fulfilled prophecies and the promise of a Messiah, then most if not all of the Jews would have converted by now.

7) This cannot be objectively tested or proven(conveniently for you), and is therefore drivel.

6) See 7).

5) Problem is, most of us have already looked for god(and not half-heatedly, either) and found nothing save wishful thinking, mindless dogma(and dogmatists), and greedy manipulators with agendas.

4) Moron. You can't even make an intelligent response to this point, so you opt for condescension instead.

3) Because your god wanted it to and planned for it to happen.

2) Idiot. See $).

1) See GearHedEd's comment.

What a load of rubbish, just like your putrescent cult.

L.Long said...

B.R. beat me to it and a good job too!

Anonymous said...

What you believe is totally up to you. God will not force Himself upon you. But I do know this one thing. If I am right and my God is real then He is the God of Abraham, of Isac, and of Jacob, He is the Messiah Jesus and If I should drop dead right now I have nothing to fear; but you have eternity before you and you will acknowledge Him, and then you will beg for forgiveness but it will be to late. Now if you are right and I am wrong I still have Nothing To Fear. I'll play the odds. I know that my Jesus lives! I will be praying to Him that He will put things in your path that will draw you to Him. One day your brother in Christ is my prayer with love. JD

LadyAtheist said...

JD, that's called "Pascal's Wager." It assumes a binary opposition of Heaven through Christ vs. Hell by denying Christ. It's a false dichotomy because it doesn't account for the many other religious predictions of the afterlife based on other judgments during life.

Has it ever occurred to you that you could be wrong and Buddhism is right and you'll be punished for the hubris of believing you are astute enough to judge the religion of your birth as the One True one by being returned to life in the body of a cockroach?

Anonymous said...

I loved that last reply. the fact is reading something, or even attempting to argue as the religious are trying to do, will never change any persons mind. I personally am an agnostic, proudly so, in the belief that we do not know and may never know the answer. arguments about this subject are pointless and I actually applaud the writer for posting her 10 personal reasons why she does not believe. the religious rebuttals were silly, in fact they probably should not have posted at all since they were only going to have their responses fall on deaf ears. I find it weak that religious people must press their reasoning on a person who has made their choice yet preach love and understanding. I firmly believe that if there is a god, he's already seen why I do not worship him and accepted that it was to be and that no earthly agent will ever change my mind. save your energy religious ones, your faith is not wanted here.

Jonathan Stephen said...

To the author,
I'm really sorry to hear about your tailbone. Sounds like it was a rough ten years. I hope and pray that it's better now.