Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now *this* is "militant atheism"

Oh noes someone didn't want to pray!

Good for him for raising a ruckus and getting arrested! Going to court is just too damn expensive and time-consuming.  Let the fuckers know to their faces that what they're doing is unconstitutional and that not everyone in their community is a fucking Christian!

 I hope he doesn't have to pay court fees or get a felony charge.  If the meeting hadn't officially started, then what was he disrupting?  It's not against the law to disrupt prayer.  Ask Fred Phelps!


B.R. said...

How disgusting. The Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves. When are we finally going to get rid of meaningless rituals that aren't even Constitutional, despite the incessant caterwauling of the religious right?


Never Was An Arrow II said...

That link was the best!

It started off slow.

Then I read that the atheist was arrested by Officer Pagan…OFFICER PAGAN!! I almost pissed myself! I rolled back from the pu2, the chair slid out from me and I slipped as I got up. My head hit the desk, I think I have a concussion—BUT. IT. WAS. WORTH. IT!!!!

The knife goes in so smoothly, almost missed it. God DOES have sense of humour. The Jesuits and Dominicans debated that quite fiercely in the 16th century.

Coincidences—are God's way of remaining anonymous.
(Albert Einstein)

Oh man. I can't wait to pass this around.