Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Local Town Idiot Speaks

Thanks to The Human Ape at Darwin Killed God for bringing this local piece of Creationist inanity to my attention.  In case it disappears from radar before my loyal fans readers have a chance to click:
Defending God
Atheists are constantly demanding scientific proof that God exists. The claim is that belief in a Creator is no more than a fabrication from an age of weakmindedness before science, logic and enlightenment became our litmus test.

I would propose that, if science is what you need, look no further than your own DNA. While agreeing that random patterns occur naturally by chance, DNA consists of code, which requires a designer. In intelligent design, we find a specified complexity. There is no Shakespearean sonnet without Shakespeare. Our very existence proves the existence of a Creator God.

However, God does not need to be defended for God's sake, but for our sake. God is eternal, above and beyond all that is temporal, and will continue to exist regardless of what we do here in our world limited to time and space and science as we presently understand it.

In our increasingly agnostic and atheistic world, God has been judged and sentenced to irrelevance, mocked instead of revered. The decisions we each make about God will determine our eternal futures, but it is a personal path. Do not limit your study to the rantings of the secular. Do not waste your arguments on those who will not listen. Discuss and debate within yourself to find the answers to your existence. In the end, it is between you and God.
I'm heartened to see local atheists replying.  There are probably some auslanders replying too, but it's for a good cause.  In a city with a university that offers *gasp*  SCIENCE degrees it's embarrassing to see this kind of crap posted in letters to the newspaper.  It's not like Christians don't have enough outlets to spew their stupidity.


B.R. said...

This doesn't really have anything to do with Creatardation, but several months ago there was a letter to the local newspaper from a Christian talking about a high school football player who said a prayer on the field after scoring the winning touchdown. He was saying something along the lines of, "this country was founded on Christian principles, and we have the right to express our religion in public".
Here's what I like; Jesus said very specifically in the gospels that believers should pray in *private*. Remember the parable about the Pharisee who prayed out loud? This is what makes Christians such stupid hypocrites; they constantly accuse skeptics of ignoring what the bible says, yet they openly cherry-pick the parts they want to obey. If that football player had dropped down towards the east and prayed to Allah, there would have been more than one angry letter to the editor saying that this display was trampling their religious rights or something like that.

I just love this entitlement attitude that Christians have(and it can get pretty thick around here); and they actually get offended when we call them hypocrites! The cheek!

LadyAtheist said...

re: sense of entitlement:

When I lived in D.C. I went to an EEO training seminar where I was the only white person. Lots of people were old enough to remember the civil rights movement, so everything was fine until we got to the religion part and the teacher said, "Suppose you have a project that can't be done during business hours so the boss decides that everyone has to work on Saturdays for 6 weeks to get it done. Everyone on the staff is okay with it except one person who is Jewish. What should the manager do?"

As if they hadn't just spent hours learning about EEO law they said "she should have to work Saturday just like everyone else, majority rules!"

So I took the side of the Jewish person and said, "If you think it's not that big of a deal to work on your sabbath day, why not have everyone work on Sunday and give up *your* sabbath instead?"

It took awhile to get through to them. I also brought up the 'problem' of the seventh-day adventist. hahaha

The teacher found it amusing. Apparently he'd encountered this type of thing before. or perhaps he found *me* amusing because if I hadn't been so vocal he would have had to say all those things :-p

B.R. said...

Yup, that's entitlement all right; never mind the holy days of non-Christians. Sheesh! =P

Infidel753 said...

Pitiful. The old, old argument from design, or as Dawkins calls it, the argument from personal incredulity. If they personally can't imagine how something could have developed through natural selection, it couldn't have happened at all.

BR: Is anyone telling them they can't express their religion in public, as long as they're reasonably non-annoying about it? The only problem is when they want the government to endorse it.

The sheer goofiness of implying that God intervenes in football games is another issue, but if they want to make their religion look that asinine, who are we to object?

LadyAtheist said...

I never gave a thought to the football game thing until the southpark dodgeball episode when stan points out that the other team is also praying. After that I LOL on the inside (if that's possible) whenever I see or hear someone doing that. What stupidity.

In my (public) high school I was forced into voluntary prayer before choir concerts. Even though I was still going to church and trying to believe, I didn't believe some asshole who hadn't been ordained and wasn't from my denomination had any business leading prayer. I'm still kicking myself for not speaking up about it.

L.Long said...

I wish some of the officials had the balls to automatically put the WIN onto the other team because the praying team requested extra outside help which is normally called cheating.
And when they get all pissy , you ask 'what are trying to tell use that praying doesn't work?'

L.Long said...

As far as the 'town idiot' is concerned the title says it all.

I could mention that I find it amazing that anyone that mentally challenged can speak, but that may be an insulting comparison to the mentally challenged.

B.R. said...


Actually, I think they should pray in public--then skeptics can point out yet another example of Christians deliberately cherry-picking the Wholly Babble for their own agenda.


Hah! Kind of like saying, "OK, Xianty is NOT a religion, it's a personal relationship with an invisible/immaterial being; great, no more tax cuts for you guys". And since atheism is a "religion", atheists can get tax cuts and build "worship centers"(read: pool halls) where we can hang out and "worship"... my mad skills. ;)

Infidel753 said...

BR: the Wholly Babble

Heh. I'm stealing that.

B.R. said...

Go ahead; I stole it myself from a poster on FSTDT, I think. It's a skeptic's mini-meme that I've been fostering on the 'Net for a while, and I hope it'll catch on.