Monday, September 26, 2011

Gideon Bibles in the Doctor's Office Waiting Room

Yes.  There were Gideon Bibles on the waiting room side tables at my doctor's office.  My doctor is leaving this practice and I am following him to his new practice, but I've been sick for a few days and I really needed to see him today.

But since I didn't plan to stay with the practice I didn't mind being seen to open the Bibles and write in them. But since I didn't have to wait very long I only had time to write under the Gideon imprint:

"Purveyors of Bullshit"

When I find them in hotel rooms I have more fun with them, but I had to settle for this.

But seriously, WTF?  Why would they allow this?  It's a general practice, not an emergency room!

Oh yeah, because this is fucking Indiana.  Fucking insane.


clem said...

i was in a dentist's office the other day and a couple of gideons came in and tried to talk the receptionist into letting them 'stock' the waiting room. fortunately, they were shown the door. the local gideons must be cheapskates though, the supposed bibles were just new testaments.

blindman said...

Why would they allow this?
I'm just going to take a wild guess here and say it has something to do with there being no law against it.
There probably is a law against vandalizing them, though...

L.Long said...

You are making at least one logical fallacy in assuming the buyBull is there to convert you or something. Maybe they are there to get you to read it -finally- and deconvert. Maybe the head dud (duddess) are NuAtheists.
Ha who am I kidding this is Indiana!!!