Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Death of a God

The death of Kim Jong Il has brought to light a lot of information I didn't previously know.  I'm surprised he isn't mourned by more people.  His birth was accompanied by a heavenly miracle.  He talked within a few months and walked way ahead of schedule.  He authored thousands of books as a college student, and composed an opera. He made several holes in one on his first time on a golf course. But don't just trust me.  Read it here.

Or check out the movie:

So many people couldn't believe something so untrue, could they?  Sure, they were all taught to believe that, but they were taught it because it's true

Skeptics dispute the details of his life, of course.  Bitter hopeless people with nothing to live for but the evil wish to hurt the reputation of a beloved god will always try to dissuade the true believers.  The tears of the faithful should be proof enough that he is indeed a good and beloved leader.   

I prophesy that he will appear again to his people and tell them to obey his holy son's commandments. 


krissthesexyatheist said...

It's 7am-ish here in Sac town and on NPR this morning I heard that old general types and propaganda types are claiming/telling/urging/you better believe this-ing that the young emperor "is born of heaven."


Ali Nazifpour said...

I think your "prophecy" will come true. Seriously. The grandfather is still the head of state. The might come up with a myth for the son too.