Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Annie Laurie Gaynor weighs in on the Indiana creationism bill


It is shocking that a bill to teach creationism from the perspective of "multiple religions" has passed the state senate.

The Indiana Senate would lead public school students back into the Dark Ages. This month marks the 203rd anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. It's been 153 years since Darwin's Origin of Species was published in 1859, with the incontrovertible evidence for evolution piling up since. These senators would dumb down understanding, belittle the scientific method, and ultimately, endanger our nation's standing in the world and our ability to compete in a global market which necessarily rewards accomplishment, not stupidity.

The comments show how such a shocking idea could take hold in the Texas of the Midwest.  Very discouraging.  In other news, the graduation rate is dropping.  Any wonder?  Their parents don't seem to value edjumacashun

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L.Long said...

This is not a real disappointment. When the baptists, no longer hate the catlickers, and everyone is talking about getting along with the islameics & the moremans, and the catlickers think we are treating all the heretics badly then you know we are gaining ground and they are losing. The really bad thing is that all of the DELUSIONALs added together way out number us.