Friday, February 17, 2012

Indiana Students are Safe From Creationist Idiocy ... for now

Curiously, the local paper that has published so many letters on this topic did not carry this news item, but the Indy Star, owned by the same corporation, did:

A bill that would have specifically allowed Indiana's public schools to teach creationism alongside evolution in science classes has been shelved by the leader of the Indiana House of Representatives.

The proposal cleared the state Senate two weeks ago, but Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma is using a procedural move to kill the proposal for this legislative session.

“It seemed to me not to be a productive discussion, particularly in light that there is a United States Supreme Court case that appears to be on point that very similar language is counter to the constitution,” Bosma said Tuesday. “It looked to me to be buying a lawsuit when the state can ill afford it.”

He wouldn't admit that it's just plain WRONG to pass off fairy tales as science but at least he admits it's a waste of money to fight a losing battle.

I'm glad this sorry episode is over.   Now I can return to being embarrassed about Indiana for other reasons!




Anonymous said...

Love that pic, LA! Reminds me of PZ on the ceratopsian at Hambo's Creation Museum.

Of course Bosma had to use procedural methods to stop this risible bill. As a card-carrying GOPer, he has to keep proving his religious bona fides, lest he be labeled a RINO and superseded by a more 'reliable' fundamentalist. Did you know that once upon a time there were actually Republicans who understood and appreciated science? Strange, but true. Seems like ages ago now...

BTW, Indiana's no more embarrassing than my own home state of Arizona, so hold your head high!

Pete Moulton

Infidel753 said...

Well, thank goodness for that -- though it really shows how far backward the right wing has dragged us that we even have to be grateful for avoiding something so ridiculous.

Never mind Indiana, this kind of thing is an embarrassment to the whole country. I've had the experience of explaining to people from places like Taiwan and Japan that the US actually has people who want to teach ancient mythology in science classes alongside evolution -- and having them stare at me in disbelief. The native religions in those countries have their own creation myths, but nobody over there is pushing to get those myths taught in public schools alongside evolution.

B.R. said...

I'm still half-way expecting Never Was An Arrow II to show up and start blasting us with Stupid Rays. But anyway, it's nice that this bill died. Now science education is safe... for a little while anyway.

LadyAtheist said...

I think NWA has moved on to greener trolling grounds. Happy flying, red baron!

The whole country is an embarrassment, it is true. Even Rhode Island has turned out to be horribly backward.