Finally a criminal conviction for a Catholic official who enabled priests to molest kids:,0,7600946.story

The Taliban attacks other muslims at a vacation destination WTF?  How do they justify this to themselves?

Ex-Mormons helped to convert to Christianity.  Out of the fire into the frying pan?

Religious boot camps

SBC’s new name.  They want everyone to forget they "used to be" racists. I look forward to the day when they want us to forget that they used to be batshit crazy:

Oh puh-leeze.  Do any real scientists really say that because some old bones are old bones that they have identified a fictional character?

Big surprise:  Warren Jeffs' cult discriminates against people from other cults:

Only 15% of Americans believe humans evolved without an assist from a supernatural entity:

A lawsuit over an "emergency" baptism by an Orthodox priest.  I want to see more details, like how much money they're demanding because this priest prayed for their preemie.  As an theist, I'd be offended but I'd LOL.  Oh and this happened two years ago.  Lemme guess, they have big debts from having to care for a preemie?

Pastor & wife used church's money for gambling:  ...lots of it

Apparently God can cure a pastor of his child-pornography habit, but chooses not to despite being prayed to:

Tea party cry baby pastor can dish it out but he can't take it.   Oh boo hoo hoo someone made an ad critical of him in a political campaign.  Who would do such a thing?

In Ghana:  A "Healing camp" pastor's daughter killed by "lunatic" sent there for non-treatment:  WTH did they expect?  God's seers were being confined by chains instead of being treated by healers with training from Bible colleges.  *sigh*

Pushback from the Air Force's decision to obey the Constitution and stop prosletyzing.  And this pushback comes from people who have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution:

...but there's a little good news in Israel:  ... though it would be even better if they'd leave them behind for Palestinians to live in