Friday, July 6, 2012

Katie Holmes & Scientology or just another celeb divorce?

Some interesting thoughts here:

Many people have noted that all of Cruise's divorces happened when the wives were 33.  Makes me wonder if Scientology has some step-up at that age that makes them go "whoa.... I did *Not* sign on for THIS!"  The Daily Beast article is more down-to-earth, referencing child custody practices, and Suri's age, not Katie's as being the trigger.

Katie can probably never tell the whole truth without becoming a Suppressive Person and being stalked for life by henchment for the cause.  It's bad enough for her to be stalked by paparazzi.

What I find strange is the hoopla about Suri being brought up in Scientology with its special schools and nutty philosophy, but let someone send their kid to a Catholic, Jewish, or fundy school, well that's okay.  Well, no, that's not okay.  Brainwashing little kids is a vile, destructive and abusive practice.


Mike D said...

Scientology is extra looney just because they're so secretive about their actual beliefs. You can walk into some fundy church and the first thing you get is a pamphlet or something explaining the church doctrine. Scientology? You apparently have to dole out many thousands of dollars before you learn about Xenu and the volcano. That's when you realize you've been had, but you can't make a run for it because they'll sue the shit out of you and even if they lose (which they will), they'll make your life hell.

Maybe Tom Cruise is just a douche though.

Tommykey said...

Interestingly, there is a Scientology office by the train station where I commute to work in NYC. There is a big banner in their window that reads Church of Scientology next to a cross symbol. It looks like they are trying to appeal to Christians by making them think they can be Christians and Scientologists at the same time.

LadyAtheist said...

That's spooky. Or maybe they're trying to confuse people who think they might be Christian Scientists hahaha like that would be less insane

ex-minister1 said...

L Ron Hubbard was a 33rd degree Mason. Jesus died supposedly when he was 33.
Here is some weirdness on 33

LadyAtheist said...

As if Scientology weren't already strange enough! It's one thing to have crazy followers, but crazyass detractors too? They must be very proud