Saturday, August 4, 2012

This is the week that was

CNN's Ungodly Discipline revisits Fairhaven church in Indiana, where the church gives parishoners paddles to use on their kids and grown children of the pastor accuse him of abuse.  (thanks to fundamentally reformed blog for the link -- it's good to see Christians taking other Christians to task for a change)  Perhaps they should adopt a Fosdickian philosophy. (No, I didn't make that up!)

Catholic Ethical financial fund fails to make money.  Perhaps God is trying to tell them something.

Scottish Catholic bishop claims homosexuality cuts life span by 20 years.  Seriously.  God told him.  Or something.

Running on a platform of being against an Islamic center that's not even in your own district is apparently not a winning strategy, even in Tennessee.  Quote:
Zelenik pledged during the campaign that if elected she would "work to stop the Islamization of our society, and do everything possible to prevent Sharia Law from circumventing our laws and our Constitution."
... wouldn't that mean that would mean that the Fairhaven Indiana child-abusers who claim God wants them to paddle children will be subject to child abuse laws?

Malaysia's prime minister claims to be guided by his faith in Allah.  He says "Islam guides our nation."  Sounds like some American Christian politicians, no?

Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church are in bed together and a female punk rock group called Pussy Riot is now on trial for objecting.  Could the world get any crazier?  "Mr. Putin, tear down that wall... between church and state!"

Syrian Christians at risk.  Well, Syrian Muslims are at risk too.  All damn Syrians are at risk.  What a messed up place.  Oh wait, they've been warmongering barbarians for about five thousand years.  Carry on, Syria.  I really love it when I read the New York Times and I think I'm reading the Bible.

If they flee, they shouldn't go to Egypt!  The U.S. is demanding that Egypt crack down on attacks against Christians, because you know, the Christians of the U.S. are so kind-hearted toward the Muslims in the U.S.  (okay, they're not killing them, but it's not like they embrace them, either)  Funny how we're coming to the rescue of those Christians, but the Christians in Muslim-controlled Bosnia were on their own.

In Brazil, the Assemblies of God and Foursquare (yes) branches of Pentacostalism are growing.  But they're not teh crazee like in the U.S.: 
"Evangelical leaders in the country have expressed their concerns that some neo-pentecostal churches, which experienced large growth, are known for holding a liberal viewpoint and some controversial theological doctrines"

An Episcopal Church in NJ observes a one-day Ramadan fast.  Rather interesting idea.  At least it's a walk-a-mile-in-their-shoes kind of thing.  I'd do it myself but I'd postpone it until the winter, when dawn-to-dusk is only about eight hours!

Myanmar Buddhists & Muslims duking it out.  Buddhists?  Really?  What is the world coming to?  Hey guys how about dropping that whole supernatural baloney and being neighbors?  Sheesh.  "nothing to kill or die for..." 

Global Islamic Body urges aid for Myanmar Muslims.  Seriously?  How about not attacking Christians in Egypt and Jews anywhere, and then let's talk about others not attacking you.  Or how about this?  Nobody attack anybody else?

Missourians will vote on a right they already have.  Dumbasses.  The quotes in this article are priceless.

...and Chik fil-A, in case you didn't know, is run by someone who is a fundy and toes the fundy line, including the part about not learning how to spell.  He's against gay marriage and some people are surprised and shocked.  Oh my.  Hey, he has a right to be a religious jerk as long as he follows the law.  He hasn't broken the law so just boycott his joints (which I have always done) and leave him alone.  We can't win the "war" if we are as bullying as they are!


Infidel753 said...

Or how about this? Nobody attack anybody else?

Unthinkable! How would they establish whose imaginary friend is the best? Actually, if the hard-liners in the various religions would stick to attacking each other, I wouldn't have a problem with it -- I'd even support giving them an uninhabited island somewhere to fight it out. But they insist on targeting normal people too.

And yes, Buddhists. There's violence pretty much everywhere in the world where Islam interfaces with any other religion, no matter what religion it is -- ever notice that?

B.R. said...

It's funny how when Christians talk about the persecution their brethren face in other countries, they almost invariably neglect to mention that other religions are being persecuted just as badly in the same place.

LadyAtheist said...

Funny how that works

Tommykey said...

"Free Pussy Riot!"

How's that for a memorable slogan?