Saturday, September 8, 2012

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Some interesting news this week:

The South Korean government comes out against creationists.

Jen McCreight quits blogging.  She was part of the "A+" movement for nicer atheism (or something), and also part of Freethought Blogs, which had some drama recently when PZ Myers kicked Thunderf00t off the Freethought Blogs site.  I didn't follow her blog closely but it's distressing to see her go.  Nobody should have to deal with sexist crap, though the cretins kind of proved her point about the way women are treated by male atheists.  Plasma Engineer summarizes the history of Atheism+ and the fallout on his Something Surprising blog.  In part two he links the commentaries of several male bloggers/vloggers.

Crazyass super-extremist fundamentalist Christian visited my campus this week.  I was going to post the local paper's description but it can't top this blog post by the Ohio University Skeptic Society after the nutter visited Ohio U. in 2009.  It's encouraging to see that he is apparently 100% unsuccessful in getting anyone to take his nutty theology seriously.

A lucky 13 kids were molested (allegedly) by a 25-year-old music "minister."  His father, the former pastor, embezzled from the church before taking a powder.  Lovely people, these Christians.

Mentally disabled Christian teen accused of blasphemy in Pakistan is released on bail.  This Islamic example of letting religion rule the state should give some dominionist Christians pause... we can hope.  The cleric who first accused the girl is now in trouble himself. (if you can trust Fox News)

Rather nice coexistence piece by a Christian (who also blogs for Patheos)

In Egypt, women and girls are being harrassed and some aren't putting up with it.

How to tell if your religious liberty is at risk.  Something to share with believers.

Fiji is still a Christian nation, at least until the military who took over the government in a coup finish writing a new constitution.

Jesuit Catholic instruction at Georgetown University includes a biased course in Hinduism.  Hindus are surprised.  I'm not.  But all is not lost.  McDonald's is opening vegetarian fast-food restaurants for them.  No cows sacrificed for a sandwich, but will that matter to Hindus?

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom reprinted an op-ed about Burmese prejudice against muslims from an unlikely source:  The Indianapolis Star

The Catholic church is still reluctant to deal with perverts.  How can they object to a priest doing a reading at a gay marriage and then rationalize pedophilia?

Meanwhile, the Episcopal diocese is cooperating on an investigation of one of its priests.


L.Long said...

The Catholic church is still reluctant to deal with perverts. How can they object to a priest doing a reading at a gay marriage and then rationalize pedophilia?

Easy! The buyBull says gays are to die. Where does it say 'Thou shalt not phuck little kids.'?????

Plasma Engineer said...

Sorry your comments on Something Surprising got caught up in the system. I've restored them. Thanks for trying twice, and thanks for the link.

I would love to find some comments by female Youtubers too if you have any suggestions.

LadyAtheist said...

Thanks for finding them. I've had this problem on a few blogs for a few weeks and I went to blogspot help and thought I found an answer. But then it didn't work. Grrrrrr

If I find any female youtubers' comments on atheism+ or Jen I'll link them in your comments and here. Angie the Antitheist doesn't vlog anymore and zomgitscriss is on ftb now and those are the two I know.