Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18 Links

Try this quiz:  Professor or Hobo?

Atheist literature will now be placed alongside Gideon bibles in Georgia state park campsites.  I wonder how many other states have permitted bibles in their lodges.

Great atheist letter in response to a letter blaming atheists for "moral decay."  This is from the border between Indiana and Kentucky - one of the hickest places in the country.  It's refreshing to know that a person can be born there and still be able to think.

Hidden concentration camp drawings on display in Berlin.  Holocaust deniers will probably have something to say but at least Germans can see what great art they denied the world by killing so many artists.

Irish Quaker woman declared a "righteous gentile" posthumously.  I'm not surprised a Quaker could be a righteous gentile, but I'm surprised one could come from Ireland!

There's a new book on my reading list:  Bible Bullies.  Before I read it though, I think I'll check my blood pressure.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul, named for one of the most famous atheists in history, is courting fundamentalist Christians.

Muslims to Tea Party: Welcome to Our World.  Is turnabout fair play?

Blasphemy charges against a Christian teacher in Egypt should remind Christians of why it's a good thing that the U.S. is not a Christian nation.

...edtied to add:  Herbal medicine doctor convicted of fraud.   Not really a religion, but people who have fallen for herbal/holistic/naturalistic claims cling to them despite all evidence to the contrary, so they are no better than fundies in my opinion.

Video of the Week: Dusty Smith rips apart the Christian video "The Thaw" and its many lies. For those offended by the f-word, well, sometimes it's the only appropriate word to describe shit. Sorry.


L.Long said...

Dusty is my newest hero!
He says on video what I think.
4letter words? He doesn't even come close to the number I would use to describe these types of lying hypocrites. Yes I realize that the kids probably are bright(dumb?) enough to do this on their own and that the words were feed to them by bigoted on thinking dimwits, but still to be on UTube and look so stupid is not a positive gain in your life.

LadyAtheist said...

Have you seen his reviews of the Bible miniseries on the "History" channel? He rips it to shreds!

L.Long said...

I started listening after this video and he is beyond Hilarius. But after all he has a lot of help showing how silly it all is from the source material.