Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jerry Coyne on Beluga Whales in Confinement

My previous post included a link to a recent decision by the NOAA not to grant permission for importation of captured beluga whales.  Although I follow Jerry Coyne's blog, I had forgotten that he had written a touching and passionate blog post about this petition last year:

Apparently, this is one instance when the good guys won.  Perhaps the outcry by Coyne and his readers and other humans with compassion for other sentient beings has turned the tide for these animals. I hope sentient sea mammals can continue to do what they do without our interference or capture!

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L.Long said...

I agree there is no real reason to keep certain animals in captivity. There are enough wounded and hurt animals that can be helped and kept as they cannot be in the wild.
So his victory is a good one, but there are still lots of people that will continue to kill them for food or WooWoo medicine. Shame about that.