Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14 Link Round-up

Child-abusing cult in Germany with roots in Tennessee raided and the children placed in foster care.

Get yer Harry Potter spells exorcised here!  Only $400+ for private sessions!

Atheists get bullied in school.  No shit, Sherlock, erm, The Atlantic!

"Holy" water contains bacteria and fecal matter.  Yech!

Evangelicals take sides in the Baby Veronica case.  If they win, could it also mean the end of religion-specific adoptions?

Evangelical publication that doesn't have a list of Things that cannot be said was in trouble but got saved.

The 16th St Baptist Church bombing is still within living memory, yet Americans feel they are superior to muslims somehow.  If American history includes a church bombing that killed innocent little girls, is it any wonder our moral authority is questioned?

Hindu-Muslim violence again in India.  European Protestants and Catholics must feel so smug.  There is hope, though.  A new fatwa declares it's okay for Muslims to eat with Hindus.  Baby steps.  Baby steps.

Meanwhile, Muslims may have some relief from Buddhist violence in Myanmar.  And tourists from Singapore who put up Buddhist symbols and performed Buddhists chants in a Muslim prayer hall get booted out of Malaysia.

Why are people afraid of atheists again?

Video of the week:  Lawrence Krauss on whether science and religion can co-exist:

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L.Long said...

LK is 100% right on.
religion will always be at war with science! Sheeple accepted some stone age BS, and are terrified to let go. If they could say there is a gawd & possibly something after death, and stop there no one would have a problem. But con-men would not have the power they have, so that will never happen since sheeple NEED con-men to think for them as they are terrified to think and its a lot of work.
But all of LW's observation of WONDER at reality is correct. He may not have Segan's voice but he does have his sense of wonder at the universe.