Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21 Link Round-up

How the Discovery Institute spends its "nonprofit" moneys. Conclusion: it's a scam. (Found via The Sensuous Curmudgeon)

Navy Yard shooting survivor:  "I got Lucky"  I wish more survivors would say this!
"I got lucky. It was my birthday, and I consider myself the second luckiest person on that day because my friend was the first luckiest person. But all those other people, they did not deserve that death," said Weaver, who knew six of the 12 people killed.

Glacier National Park's glaciers have been disappearing and soon there won't be any.

Global warming denial is equivalent to being a flat-earther.

PAC  to elect atheists/freethinkers.  Might not help but it couldn't hurt!

Video of the week:  Atheist and Christian comedians discuss God:

Another video of the week:  High school student activist who won an FFRF essay award reads the essay and answers questions:

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L.Long said...

I saw the 'Glacier National Park's glaciers have been disappearing' back in 1990's and realized there was going to be one less reason to visit that awesome place.