Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 28 Link Round-up

Tabernacle of DEATH!  Pastor killed by gunman while preaching.

The New York Times profiles the Buddhist temple where the Navy Yard shooter worshiped.  Among my many questions, why would a black guy live in a town called "White Settlement" anyway?

Perhaps the Dalai Lama -approved book on Buddhist science will explain it.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail puts two and two together and comes up with "Jesus was here."  Despite no evidence whatsoever that there was anything Christian about a first-century synagogue being dug up in the supposed home of Mary Magdalene, Christians want to believe it's proof that Jesus met Mary M. there and that Christians and Jews worshiped together.  WTF?

The Westboro Baptist church apparently switching gears, starts a twitter war with country singer Blake Shelton, who is an "adulterer" for getting divorced and remarried.  I can't wait until they decide to start a twitstorm in Hollywood!

German town to modern Jews:  oh you want your pre-Holocaust land back?  LOL no way, suckers.

I stumbled onto a
great list of naturalistic woo-parrot objections to actual science, and short, to the point responses.

A Christian school soccer game is cancelled because someone brought a holstered gun. Seriously. Apparently they don't think that praying not to be shot will be effective ;-)

It's come to this. It's a blogworthy event when someone "comes out" as pro-vaccine.

Video of the week:  the off-air part of the interview of Richard Dawkins on the Daily Show is longer than the part that aired (which was rather grim).


L.Long said...

'Tabernacle of DEATH! Pastor killed by gunman while preaching.'
Lets see as the killer is saying nothing.....the preacher has evidence that Obama is not a citizen and is the satanic muslin anti-christ atheist so the SS threatened the killer with harm to his family if he did not kill the preacher and keep quiet.

Wow! this conspiracy theory stuff is really easy! No wonder so many stupid couch potatoes & their cat like doing it...No real effort.

L.Long said...

'Christians want to believe it's proof that Jesus met Mary M. there and that Christians and Jews worshiped together. WTF?'

Actually during the time of Cheeses they did worship together because they were all jews. Cheeses and his followers WERE JEWS. It wasn't until Paul that Xtians became Xtians, primarily because Paul & Co went out to the greeks and romans to preach and he started changing all the rules.

LadyAtheist said...

There were a lot of competing sects, I think, so it's possible that if he existed at all he & his cult would have been snubbed by all the other cults.