Monday, December 30, 2013

My response to an Anglican redditor:

Someone posted:  "I'm Anglican, My Change my Views!"

I chose to interpret this as "I'm Anglican.  Change my Views!" so I posted and as I went I realized that despite Episcopalian churches being rather harmless compared to fundamentalist ones, I am still better off without it.  Here's what I wrote:

I grew up in the Episcopal Church in the U.S. I would go back to that church in a heartbeat if believing in supernatural events weren't a basic requirement. They always have the best music! No praise band crap - great organs and sometimes professional choirs.

But I realized one Sunday morning that I was there for the fabulous music. I didn't really believe the tenets of the religion, especially the supernatural deity.

Go through the Nicene creed line by line and ask yourself: "Really? Is this what I really believe?"

When I first started feeling skeptical toward my religion I thought that perhaps reading the Bible would "cure" me, but since the Episcopal/Anglican church doesn't require believing that the Bible is 100% infallible, it was really just the horrific acts of "God" in the Old Testament that turned my stomach. The "new" God who forgives us all by sacrificing himself to himself to keep himself for punishing ourselves for our sinful nature, which was the result of him making us in his own image... just doesn't make sense, either.

Reading up on church history and atheist perspectives on religion opened my eyes to other problems, and I felt a bit cheated for not being told these things before the social pressure to participate in Confirmation and communion. For example, Paul's letters (some of which are forgeries) were written before the gospels. Matthew & Luke are based on Mark, which was the earliest and has the least supernatural stuff in it. John (a favorite of the American fundamentalist movement) is the latest of the gospels. There were 27 apocalypse books floating around, and they chose only one to include in the Bible. Since by definition these are visions of the other world, how would they know which was the correct one? Just by praying over the matter? And why include even one?

Then consider the morally reprehensible act of human/demi-god sacrifice. Being let off the hook for your sins because Christ died is really smarmy. The American "Holiness" movement requires an un-sinly life after being "saved" so you can go over to that side if you want to develop OCD.

Or... you could make a decision to be a grown-up and pay your lumps when you hurt someone else. And if you've done something that doesn't cause harm to yourself or others, why feel guilty over it? Living life that way is much more wholesome, imho.


Chatpilot said...

LadyA I took a similar path towards my atheism. I found the acts of God in the Old Testament to be horrific. How could a worship a deity whose own moral standards were not better than my own. I've never murdered, robbed or stolen from anybody.

After reading the Bible from cover to cover I came to the conclusion that God was no better than the worlds tyrants. In fact, he was worst! The Bible is about submission, humiliation, and self loathing all bad things that only Jesus could cure if you tell him you love him and sing his praises to avoid a vacation in hell.

I felt free when I was able to finally escape the clutches of religious beliefs. I found fundamentalist Christianity to be oppressive and hypocritical.

LadyAtheist said...

I think even worse than god doing these things himself is ordering his people to do them. It's revolting.

As I learn more about Warren Jeffs and his 70-plus wives (at least 20 of whom may have been underage), I admire Solomon less and less, too.

Anonymous said...

Trust me don't go back. I joined the Episcopal Church and was treated so badly. Almost a year later and still trying to get some kind of compensation with no luck. I think most Episcopal clergy either purposely do the opposite of whatever the Gospels say or think they are exempt from it all.

Anonymous said...

For, "All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall,but the word of the Lord endures forever." 1 Peter 1:24-25

You know the greatest sin? When we believe we are better than God. Nothing else will damn a person more when he or she sees God as immoral and themselves as good.

We are truly saved when we see God as good and ourselves immoral. Do you know that when we see things as they really are, there is freedom? There is peace! My sister, do not be dead in your sins--please cry out to the Lord and HE WILL answer you! I will pray for you, my friend. Blessing of peace and grace to you.