Sunday, December 15, 2013

Random Link Round-Up

Florida's capitol will host a Festivus Pole.

Homes in Victorian/Edwardian England held many dangers we don't face today.

Jewish treasures looted/stolen/demanded by Iraqi government over the decades now belong to the Iraqi government, after being restored by the American government.  The Jews want them back.  Sounds familiar.

Martin S. Pribble is quitting the online atheist community. I guess this is a pity, though I've never heard of him before. Should I be sad? hmmmm, no I'm not. He's gone over to the accommodationist side:

I have come to realise that we, as atheists and non-believers, make up such a small part of the world’s population that we can never hope to effect change in the world by ourselves. There has to be a way that we can get the theists onside with our ideas and prospective outcomes, and yelling at them is not it. In order to effect changes in the world we need the theists on our side.
The Village Voice doesn't like Lawrence Krauss because he's smug.   Why is being smug such a bad thing?  The Voice has been smug since its first issue.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation urges you to Keep Saturn in Saturnalia!

The "Sister Wives" family wins in Federal Court: the Utah prohibition against polygamy is declared  unconstitutional.  What next?  Bestiality?

 Video of the week is of a kindergarten student singing & signing in sign language for her parents in the audience.  A sweet counterpoint to the phony signer who signed for Obama, and she's a natural comedian too:


Infidel753 said...

Did you intend to describe Lawrence Krauss as "smut"? Quantum physics must be a steamier subject than I thought.....

LadyAtheist said...

hahaha whoops!

L.Long said...

The Victorian article is the perfect illustration of why science needs to be done right and not accepting new things just cuz someone says the are OK or the new great thing.

SMUG....being right about something and no one around you likes the facts. 10 to 1 the one calling him smug was religious and believed in the incompetent creator.

Wasn't it the dimwitted moremans that got all 'gay marriage will lead to bestiality and polygamy' in CA???