Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Breaking the Faith: The Final Episode

So apparently this series was more of a mini-series.  The last episode aired this week.

The episode sums up the various experiences of the eight young adults.  One of the boys was on a quest to find his mother, and had hired a private investigator to help him.  An "informant" informed him that his mother is being "re-educated," a final confirmation of the definition of Jeff's FLDS as a cult. 

Themes from other episodes carried through, such as the painful loss of family and ambivalence toward each other as surrogate family.  Only one of the people (I should say "characters" but they are real people, just fictionalizing themselves) struggles openly with religion as a whole.  He isn't interested in it, having escaped from one he doesn't want to be tied down by another.  One of the women seems defensive about the FLDS's religious principles but has no desire to be one of several wives.  She's the one who left to find her boyfriend, found him, and is now engaged to him.   (Awwwww)

A final update for each one comes at the very end, and several are working toward their GEDs.  I wish the series had explored the issue of education.  These kids are only educated to about the fifth or sixth grade level, if that, and then are basically enslaved.  They either become mommy's little helpers, if girls, or farm hands and trade workers if boys.

And right on the heels of this happy ending, there begins another series:  Escaping the Prophet.  Link goes to introduction of Flora Jessop, who helps people escape.  This series has the potential to have more drama, if it is more about escaping the "Crick" and less about clothes.

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