Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15 Link round-up

Getting back on track...

We atheist bloggers may not need to create link round-ups anymore now that is online.  Their editor is soliciting suggestions.

DNA proves that funny-looking skulls from Peru were not human. If there isn't already an episode of Ancient Aliens featuring these coneheads, there will be soon!

Jason Rosenhouse watched HBO's "Questioning Darwin" so you don't have to.

This is old but it's news to me.  Turkey's great Christian buildings, turned into museums during the secular era, are now being turned into mosques, including the Hagia Sofia, one of the most famous Christian cathedrals of all time.  (Wikipedia may need updating)  The Archbishop of Canterbury visited and thinks it should not be converted.  Well, East and West Christianity finally agree on something.  (More background on Turkey in the New York Times)

The jet stream may be changing.   How many other changes have to happen before global warming deniers get with reality?  Oh yeah, the big change would be if big oil stopped funding big PR firms.

Online deaf pastor comes out as an atheist.  The usual cause: he actually thought about what he was preaching.

Freethought books donated to prisoners.  Of course USA today had to come up with a snappy headline:  "Atheist groups cater to a captive audience" ... as if faith groups have been doing this since forever!

Video of the week (actually an oldie but goody): Morality in animals

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