Friday, February 7, 2014

Ham on Nye Link Round-up

There are jillions of write-ups of the debate asking "Is creation a viable model of origins in today's modern scientific era?" but I think these are the better ones, and of course I am not linking any Christian sites, though some of them may be reasonable. I'll leave it to some Christian to round up.

CBS morning show coverage:  (skip the write-up and go right to the comments!)

ABC's Nightline went behind the scenes for an 'only-in-America' show-down.  They outright call Ham's creation museum "pseudoscience."  Good for them!

Washington Post:

NBC blog:  Bill Nye wins over the Science Crowd

Jerry Coyne in The New Republic declares Nye the winner  

The L.A. Times imagines a television series out of this.

Slate's William Slatan says Ham proved that creationism is a harmless compartmentalized fantasy that won't endanger scientific or technological progress.

Salon gives the edge to Ham not for the debate, but for advancing his agenda.

Pat Robertson and other fundamentalists are not okay with old-earth creationism (Christian "Science" Monitor)

Huffpo blogger Sam McElwee calls Ham a quack.

Someone from buzzfeed asked creationists in the audience to write out questions for the rest of us:
... and also asked reasonable people to write their comments & questions for creationists:

Lawrence O'Donnell interviews Nye post-debate:

The whole debate here: (Or you could watch it at Ham's Answers in Genesis youtube channel, but I won't link it - you'll have to find it yourself)


ex-minister1 said...

I was quite surprised by Pat Robertson. He must have been a YEC at some point. Did Jesus come in a vision and tell him he was wrong?

LadyAtheist said...

He's O.T. when it suits him. It's a wonder. Perhaps he is afraid of MRSA or something

Chatpilot said...

I was disappointed by how this debste turned out. It was more of a one sided comedy show than a serious debate. Everytime I hear Ken Ham speak it's like hearing someone run their claws across a blackboard. The nonsense that he spews and the misinterpretation and misrepresentations of what science really has to say about origins disgusts me to no end.

LadyAtheist said...

Ham's defense certainly was thin, though he had a point that you can use the scientific method without believing in the results when it suits you. I choose to believe that pink faeries made my car out of pixie dust, yet I can drive my car just as well as anyone else!

ex-minister1 said...

NO! It was the blue faeries that made our cars. If you don't believe it you will burn in hell. But I am praying for you