Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Discovery Institute Shills vs. Ball State

Apparently, the DI has realized a lawsuit would be a waste of time and money, so they've gotten four state legislators to shill for them:


The Discovery Institute says four state legislators led by Senate Education Committee Chair Dennis Kruse, R–Auburn, have sent a letter to Ball State University’s president and board of trustees expressing concerns about the university’s treatment of BSU physicist Eric Hedin and its “imposition of a speech code censoring faculty speech on intelligent design.”  ...

...“about whether improper procedures were followed while investigating professor Eric Hedin’s course, and whether an ad hoc committee appointed to investigate him was filled with persons with conflicts of interest...We are also concerned about the cancellation of Hedin’s class and the policy you announced last summer restricting faculty speech on intelligent design. We are disturbed by reports that while you restrict faculty speech on intelligent design, BSU authorized a seminar that teaches ‘Science Must Destroy Religion.’ ... The legislators promised to send additional questions to BSU in coming weeks.
This sounds like it will be the exact same letter filled with ridiculous questions that the Discovery Institute sent to the university last summer.  Apparently they're still butthurt about this thing, and they've managed to get a creationist sympathizer (who unfortunately is the chair of the Senate Education Committee) to embarrass himself for them.

Desperate times call for desperate measures?  From the sounds of things last summer, I was expecting to see them sue.  Apparently they realize they can't win in a fair fight so they're trying this now.  Ball State is their new "wedge."

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