Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bible-Believing Pastor's Homophobic Rant in the Muncie Paper

James C. Johnson: Coverage of gay NFL player an unwelcome sign of times

The Muncie Star Press published this revolting editorial from a local Baptist pastor - a pastor for the church that sponsors the local Christian "school." There is natural disagreement about what constitutes prejudice against homosexuals versus homophobia, and I think this is a clear example of the latter. This man is afraid. He's not afraid of his vengeful, whimsical, genocidal god. He's afraid of homosexuals (emphasis mine):

Mother’s Day, Sunday morning I turned on my television to ESPN, like I do most days, to see slam dunks and half court shots. It is typical for my three boys (ages 8, 9, 10) to hear the TV, and emerge from their rooms wrapped in their blankets and sit on our couch. 
This Sunday morning was no different in that way. Even with sleep in their eyes, and bed-head hair, they are always eager to find out who won the NBA playoff games the previous evening, and what is going in the world of sports. 
Mother’s Day Sunday morning was made startlingly unique by the repeated showcasing of Michael Sam, the 249th pick in the NFL draft, kissing his male partner. 
As a Christian father, I found it repulsive and unnecessary. After my initial feeling of deep disgust, my heart transitioned into deep concern for the direction of our society.
That sounds like fear to me.  He's afraid that society will transitioned into one where people who aren't carbon copies of himself will have the same rights that he does.  Oh noes!

Many in the Christian community are outraged by this promotion of sin, but are intimidated to speak out because of social pressures.

Well at least he's not too afraid to speak out on behalf of all those cowards out there who are afraid they might be wrong.   Or maybe they're more afraid of a twitter twitstorm than of their vengeful, punishing god.

In a rhetorical tour de force, this jerk turned Obama's praise for Sam as someone who was rewarded for what he did rather than who he was into somehow making it praise for who he is.  Then he goes right for the jugular of humanity:  original sin.

Yes, he went there.  That is how backwards this guy is:
Truly, the Bible is clear that homosexual relationships are sin, but there is a greater problem with our president’s statement. How can we be judged by what we do, and not who we are, when who we are dictates what we do? It is impossible to divorce the two concepts. Romans 3:10-11, (along with a plethora of other Scriptures), teach that human beings are born sinners.
This is who we are: sinners. The curse of sin has impacted every aspect of creation ever since Adam and Eve. It is our human condition; we aren’t sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners. In other words, who we are (sinners) dictates what we do (sin).
He's a sinner, alright.  He has committed the sin of hubris for assuming that his narrow-minded bigoted view of the world has to be shared by everyone else, even if they don't belong to his religion:
We have seen a massive cultural shift in recent years. The sin of homosexuality was once a source of chagrin, but slowly crept into our society. Pop songs and sitcoms began to glorify this sinful behavior, but professional sports were largely unaffected.
The drafting of Michael Sam seems to be a turning point. The major sports and news networks decided to show two homosexual men embrace and kiss ad nauseam. They no longer focused on what athletes do that makes them great, but who they are.
The battle cry of the LGBT revolution is to accept people for who they are, but Almighty God does not accept people for who they are. Jesus Christ told Nicodemus in John 3, “Ye must be born again” because man has been “condemned already.”
Again Jesus, speaking to the woman taken in adultery in John 8, told her to “go, and sin no more.” The truth is, God does not accept anything and everything; it is only after we have been saved by grace that we are “accepted in the beloved." 
Homosexuals, just like any other sinners, need to accept Christ’s sacrifice as their payment for sin to be truly accepted by God. Christians need to pray for America more now than ever, and speak their faith in a bold and loving way.

First, how does he know that Sam isn't a Christian?  I have known plenty of gay Christians, though I want to smack them all.   If a straight person can ignore all the insanity of the Bible and embrace an immoral religion, I wouldn't deny that dubious right to gay people.  It's just slightly more inconceivable when a gay person is religious.

Second, if he doesn't like ESPN's coverage of a peck on the cheek, his beef is with ESPN.  Also, it was only ad nauseum if you had ESPN on all day ... on Mother's Day!  He could have changed the channel.  There was probably some good old-fashioned Christian ranting on the many Christian channels in this area.

The book of John.... *sigh*  That's the latest of the gospels, and the one least likely to truly represent Jesus's teaching.  Yet it's the favorite of this type of Christian bigot.  This is where the born again idea comes from?  Would someone's homosexuality be erased if they became a born-again Christian?  That's just ridiculous.

So... while his wife was presumably cooking in her bare feet the men in the family were huddled in the living room watching a peck on the cheek and subsequent coverage so long he could describe it as being "ad nauseum."

Is it just me, or is it likely that he secretly enjoyed watching that peck on the cheek and subsequent coverage?


L.Long said...

I would like to say what I think of these type of people, but you are a Lady and the string of 4 letter words will not change this Ahole's thinking.

LadyAtheist said...

I don't which words you are thinking of but I would probably use many of the same.

Though "hypocrite" has more than 4 letters.

Infidel753 said...

He's afraid that society will transitioned into one where people who aren't carbon copies of himself will have the same rights that he does.

That's exactly the problem. There's a fundamental contradiction between fundamentalism and the ability to reconcile oneself to a pluralistic society. Whatever random taboos happen to be enshrined in one's own holy book must be the laws of the universe, therefore they must also be imposed on the whole society, and if they are not, the result is agitation and fear and anger, if not worse.

LadyAtheist said...

It shows how fragile their faith is. Other people going through life happily without enduring their miserable theology casts doubt on whether they should really be beating themselves silly with the "I'm a sinner" trope