Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 31 Link round-up

Laci Green contextualizes the UCSB shooter's toxic combination of misogyny plus a sense of entitlement -- he's not the first mass murderer to kill women out of a sense of entitlement.

The court system once again supports the notion that "In God We Trust" is a secular tradition. And yet Christians keep pointing to the slogan on American money as proof that America is a Christian nation. I think the fact that it's been used that way should trump the claim that it was meant to be secular.

Is "atheist chaplain" an oxymoron? The Atlantic looks at military chaplaincy. It seems to me the problem isn't that atheists are stigmatized, but that psychological counseling is.

Atheists in the Bible Belt: a Survival Guide by CNN

That idiotic Duggar couple is still trying to conceive baby number 20 but they learned it's unlikely. (found via No Longer Quivering)

The Duggars' cult hero got busted for sexual harassment and attacking women. How are the Duggars handling it? As if it never happened.

The true origins of the religious right? Nope, not anti-abortion. It was pro-segregation.

The true origins of modern neo-paganism? Nope, not Ireland. The Irish Atheist sets the record straight.

And speaking of abortion and Ireland, in the good old days when girls didn't get abortions, they and their bastard kids moved into the "home" where they died at a rate of about 50% according to the Friendly atheist.

Six signs of medical quackery.

Sudanese Christian woman imprisoned for apostasy (her father is a muslim) is freed from prison. Islamic countries will perhaps grow up just a wee bit as the rest of the world puts pressure on them for their ridiculous policies.
Update:  No, she wasn't freed from prison

Some videos of the week:

Atheism TV interviews Maryam Namazie about her Bread and Roses internet TV show:

Dusty Smith watched "God's Not Dead" so you don't have to:

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