Saturday, May 24, 2014

Random Link Round-up

It's been awhile but some of what I've been reading just has to be shared.

The kid who killed six people in Santa Barbara wrote a 140-page autobiography, which he calls a magnificent story.  Narcissistic much?

A 17-year-old good girl who followed the rules of her homeschool prom dress and behavior codes nevertheless got kicked out because the creepy homeschool dads thought she was too sexy.

There's no such thing as too much cowbell, as this Dixieland band discovered.

Eight pseudoscientific climate claims debunked by real scientists.  Of course, it's become a religion to deny scientific reality but we can try.

Washpo contextualizes Boko Haram -- Nigeria is basically a mess.

Austin Atheists help the homeless (most of the story is behind a paywall - boo)

Former fundamentalist Christian: Everything we were taught is a lie

Not atheism, but the war on women has even reached the operatic stage, where being a bit plump is now a fault.  We used to expect opera singers to be fat!

Video of the week:
Also not atheism, but freaking cool:  Solar freakin' roadways:

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