Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14 Link Round-up

A Missouri school pays the legal fees for the American Humanist Association after giving special treatment to a religious school group.

The Executive Director of the American Humanist Association takes on the rhetorical tactic of Hobby Lobby's owners. No, religious "liberty" doesn't include freedom to discriminate.

Atheism is on the rise in Saudi Arabia.   The downside of an official government religion -- disillusionment with the government leads to disillusionment with the government's religion.

The jihadist group, ISIS, that has taken over Syria and threatens Iraq is so violent even al-Qaeda has distanced itself from them.

This is an old article but new to me. I knew the Amish weren't the quaint harmless people we presumed them to be but they are worse than I'd imagined.

Video of the week:

The Amazing Atheist takes on Josh Feuerstein's video "disproving" evolution:

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L.Long said...

As House states--EVERYONE LIES!!!!!
And the Amish are no different. I never thought of them as a passive all lovey-dovey religion. They are basically an Abrahamic Jesus group and the only reason most think they are nice is because they wall themselves away from society and do a fair amount of positive PR.