Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 21 Link Round-up

Happy Solstice!  Time Magazine offers a run-down of celebrations around the world.

Scientology apostate and film director Paul Haggis discusses bullying of ex-members by Scientologists.

Spinia bifida could be prevented if folic acid was added to corn meal, but it would cost $1 million to test first. Really? Nobody can afford that???

The BBC tells the story of the man who writes Leaving Fundamentalism blog.  He is a former student at a fundamentalist school in the U.K.  Now that muslims are running their own creationist schools, the U.K. is examining Christian "faith schools" that flew under the radar until recently.  Now that creationism is banned in U.K. publicly-funded schools, will "faith schools" be more popular?

Meanwhile, Buddhist fundamentalism is on the rise, with violent consequences.

Asian elephants comfort each other and show empathy.  Without having Ten Commandments to follow!

Check out a new atheist blog by a guy named Josh, who grew up fundamentalist.

Video of the week:
Dick Cheney and his alter ego:

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