Saturday, October 11, 2014

Christian "Love" for Children & Teens

You don't have to go far or wait for long to hear of abuse and abusive practices being perpetrated against children in the name of Jebus.  After being reminded of the hurtful "theology" of nutty Christians in my area, I went looking for examples of abuse and I probalby only scratched the surface.  I only found abuse in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest of the U.S., London in England, South America, and several places in Australia.  These "isolated instances" sure seem widespread:

This week, thousands of teens in Indiana attended Fields of Faith, where they were shamed for feeling lust, then told God loves them anyway. psssst... kids....  that's called puberty!

Then in Virginia, a Christian boarding school for troubled teens is being investigated for abuse.  Four employees beat a 14-year-old because the kid talked to a girl.  This reminds me of the horrible Hebzibah House in Northern Indiana that was investigated by CNN in "Ungodly Discipline."

In Vermont, Jehovah's Witnesses (allegedly) allowed children to be sexually abused by an authority figure.

In Missouri, a Seventh-Day adventist is challenging his guilty verdict for locking school children in church bathrooms for days at a time and ostracizing "bad" children within their schoolroom.

In London, African immigrants have been abusing children they believe are possessed by evil spirits.

In Australia, a late Pentecostal leader's sex abuse charges were covered up by his son.  It's coming to light now.

Also in Australia, a Christian group that ran homes for aboriginal children can't afford to pay restitution to child sex abuse victims because that would hurt their missionary work.  Uhhh..... does a group like that really need to continue?  Pan-Am went bankrupt because of a terrorist attack.  These creeps should go bankrupt, too.

And an Anglican school in Australia is being investigated for child sex abuse.

The bright spots:

A New York Times op-ed on African-American child abuse by a baptist minister.  The "rod" in Spare the Rod is the same as "thy rod and staff comfort me."   Sparing the rod means not offering guidance.  Using the rod doesn't mean giving your brat a "whooping."

The pope removed a bishop from office because he had protected a pedophile priest.

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edited to add
An Illinois mother tries to kill daughters after receiving and end-times message from her estranged pastor husband.

Sure, this seems "crazy" to most Christians, but it's a logical crazy.  If you think the end-times are near, why not kill your family?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the point of this post. Are you trying to say all Christians are unloving people?

Did you know the Bible actually says there are people who say they are Christians, who aren't?

Maybe you could put the quotation marks around 'Christian,' in the title. Just a thought.

Infidel753 said...

I see no mystery about what the point is. The point is that abusive behavior toward youth is perpetrated by Christian clergy and Christian organizations, and covered up by them, at a substantially higher rate than among the general population, which suggests that Christian organizations in general have inherent traits which facilitate, encourage, or excuse such abuse.

Of course, that was already obvious due to the massive world-wide Catholic child-molestation and cover-up scandal, but these examples show that the problem extends to other Christian sects, and to teenagers as well as small children.

LadyAtheist said...

Most Christians believe that most other Christians are not "real" Christians. It's not for us atheists to figure out who has the legitimate claim to the title. If you belong to a Christian denomination that's not abusive, then great. How about speaking out against the untrue Christians instead of leaving it to atheists to point out abuse by JHs, 7th Day Adventists, Baptists, Catholics, Anglicans, and others around the country and around the world?

L.Long said...

ALL dogmatist are not real dogmatists!! They are all liars (mostly to themselves), hypocrites, and bigots by the vary fact that they are dogmatists. I use the word dogma to be all inclusive of all religions and non-religions, i.e. the so called 'atheist commies' of Russia, as they were neither atheists nor communists, but like xtains they were following a dogma that was not to be questioned.
AND YES!!! Anyone who TRULY follows their dogma are unloving monsters not to be trusted.