Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fields of Faith Shames Teens and Promotes Black & White Thinking

Glssy-eyed evil teenagers
If you want your teen to hate himself/herself and to turn into a neurotic black-or-white thinker, send him or her to a peer-pressure shaming event called "Fields of Faith."

Check out the quotes in this article in the local Muncie Indiana paper:

The point, said adult FCA representative Jeff Mosier, is that "God is not confused and he doesn't want us to be."

"God's truth ain't gray," he said. "It's only black and white."

Black-and-white thinking is a trait of personality disorders.  If you can't be a self-hating neurotic, then at least be narcissistic or borderline!  God loves twisted people!

Cowan High School student Gentry Staton spoke of the lustful feelings he had in middle school. "I hated myself," he said, adding that he was letting God down.

"But he just loves you," he said. "He loves us despite everything we've done."
(This kid obviously hasn't seen George Carlin's videos! "He loves you... and he needs money!")

"Accept Jesus into your heart," he told the students. "Let him spark the fire inside your heart."
(You know, put a little piece of hell into the middle of your body because God made evil and God made Hell)

He said in order to be good for goodness sake, you need a definition of good, that point of reference.

"The more like the Creator you are, the gooder you are," he said. "The less like the Creator you are, the badder you are."

Be gooder! Create planets! Turn dust into people! Kill everyone with a flood! Command genocide when you're too lazy to kill whole peoples yourself! Kill your best behaved child instead of your brats! That's gooder than those humanists who just believe in being good, period!


L.Long said...

"God's truth ain't gray," he said. "It's only black and white."

Really? Name one??? And I will present you with a situation that will make you break it, or show you up to be a grade A Ahole that I would not like to be around.

LadyAtheist said...

Such as charging the same fine for speeding 10 mph over the limit as for 50 mph over the limit. It's not hard to find shades of gray if you look around.

Ahab said...

It's appalling that groups like this are preaching toxic messages to youth. Black-and-white thinking, repression, and condescension toward non-Christians are NOT healthy things to instill in young people.