Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another Faith-Healing Outrage

Check out Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True site today.  He describes two court cases:  one guilty verdict for faith-"healing" parents whose child died, and a Canadian decision to allow parents to force  "traditional" on their sick child.

Note: "The Albatross" is Jerry's forthcoming book about the incompatibility of faith and science.

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L.Long said...

This is a tough question, as when is the state (supposed free one) suppose to take the parents decisions about the welfare of their kids. In the 1700's they would have been forced to have them bled, in the 1800s they would have been forced to have homeopathy, would you want to have these treatments forced on your kids??? Looking back the answer is easy. But looking at these examples as 'now' it can be easily seen how they can say no.
And with this wide spread anti-vax, anti-science, pro-woo society we have it is not hard to see why they would make the choices they did.