Sunday, November 2, 2014

Long & Thoughtful Deconversion Story

A parent follows a child into atheism despite both being victims of Liberty "University."

I took many of the same steps in much the same way, but without any particular incentive.  "Logan" started his deconversion by trying to come up with ways to reason his son back to Christianity.

It didn't work.

Here's a link to the first of this 7-part story:

My deconversion went something like this:  1) the Bible's O.T. is repulsive, 2) The N.T. is contradictory, 3) Everybody else thinks their religion is right, 4) Other supernatural claims are bunk so why not religious ones?

I did indeed try to listen to churchy people along the way.  Apologists just aren't very convincing, and the people they pray for die every day.  "Feeling" the spirit just didn't cut it for me, either, as it sounded a lot like being drunk or stoned on heroin.  And then there are the disembodied voices telling people strange things.  Who believes those voices today?  Only psychotic people.

Anywho, give the story a read.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Atheist, thanks for the reference to my story. I got a chuckle about the reference: "victims of Liberty University", lol. I still remember my grandfather, who told me more than once while I was attending, "you're being brainwashed". I didn't agree with him at the time. But in hindsight, I was definitely being further deluded! I'm grateful to have my mind set free!!

L.Long said...

Despite my catlick upbringing-alterboy-seminary I can be thankful for their gentleness and education. Compared to this story I was in a liberal, & loving relationship with religion. Glad you got away.

Christian said...

Sounds like he actually read the Bible for the first time. Guaranteed de-conversion rate for anyone with half a brain.