Saturday, December 27, 2014

God's Not Dead: They Watched it so You Don't Have To

In the absence of an MST3k treatment of this horrendously bad movie, we have some voice-over reviews & discussions by people who took one for the team.   Warning:  you may laugh out loud or snort your beverage through your nose.  Sometimes it will be the comments but sometimes it will be the sheer stupidity of the movie that gets to you.

This first one is by a film buff. So yes, it is as bad as it seems to be, according to an actual film buff:

Dusty Smith reduces it to five minutes, which is about as long as the plot really deserves. Oh, and he adds some gratuitous cuss words because that's what Dusty does.  (Also check out his review of TLC's The Bible):

Jake & Hugo of The Bible Reloaded spend a half hour telling you about the worst 90 minutes of their lives. This is pretty close to MST3k treatment. "Brrrrrzzzsht! Jesus rain!":

Wreckless Eating: Two guys on a couch making some amusing and pointed comments in their review:

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Infidel753 said...

Hard to believe there are still no comments on this. Maybe everyone ends up shell-shocked by the rancid simple-mindedness of the movie? After that first video I felt like I needed brain bleach.