Saturday, December 6, 2014

Updated List of Non-Theistic Charities

I have added some charities to the list I compiled some time ago (check the tabs above) I made the list because I sometimes want to make a donation in someone's name in lieu of a gift.  I wanted to know what good choices out there could be neutral donations - they would mean something to me and the person I'm donating in honor of, but wouldn't have any religious connotation pro or con. That's why I haven't listed the Freedom from Religion Foundation or Camp Quest.   These charities shouldn't offend believers, but an atheist doesn't have to compromise his/her atheism to make a donation, either.

If you learn that one of them has a theistic agenda, please let me know!  Otherwise, dig deep and donate to a worthy cause this "holiday" season.   It's tax-deductible and all of the charities on the list have good ratings for fiscal responsibility and using more money for the actual charity than for fund-raising, administrative costs, and what-not.

A p.s. here, while looking for new charities I ran across one that I've blogged about.  According to the Charity Navigator, Teen Ministries is in "deep financial trouble."  The first two on the list look like worthy charities that just don't have the money coming in that they used to.  Number three is Teen Ministries, with a negative balance of over four million dollars.

This is the "charity" that runs Christian rock concerts and uses "interns" (slaves) to do fund-raising in call centers.  They used to put teens through a brutal and abusive boot camp experience for Jebus, including forcing kids to eat disgusting food and then roll down a hill repeatedly until vomiting.  The kids with the strongest stomachs had to roll through other kids' vomit.  Charming people.  They only stopped the abuse after being busted by local television.  They aren't quite ready to declare bankruptcy but we can hope.   Perhaps next year they will be on a list of defunct charities.

For links and more details on this charity abusive cult see my previous post on their concert series, Acquire the Fire or a blog for victims survivors, My Teen Mania Experience.  The latest post declares it dead.  It may just be pining for the fjords.  We shall see.


Green Eagle said...

I'm sorry about the rolling through vomit thing, but face it: we are all forced to roll through their intellectual vomit every day of our lives.

LadyAtheist said...

I think they are told "Jesus died on the cross for you, can't you roll in vomit for him" ... or something