Sunday, February 22, 2015

Inspirational Songs for Atheists

"But without Christianity there'd be no B Minor Mass!"  If you haven't heard this objection to atheism yet, you will one day.  My answer is that Johann Sebastian Bach composed what his employer wanted, and he also composed the Brandenburg Concertos.  So it's a bogus argument.

But there is a small point there -- we don't have our own arts.  We have satirical art based on Christian art, but not our own.  ... Unless you count all other art everywhere that isn't based on a religious story.   Gaugin's paintings were gorgeous and not a Virgin-and-child among them!

But we could use some inspirational stories.  The song, "The Mary Ellen Carter" has always been inspirational to me, and in this video you can see it's been inspirational to at least one other person:

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