Saturday, March 21, 2015

Links for 3/21/2015

I can't call this a link round-up for the week because some are just not news, but they're interesting.

Not religious per se but a blog about coming back from the cultish naturalism fad:  Back from Nature.  Extremist naturalism is as cultish and dangerous as extremist religion, at least in the family.  Some of the posts are really disturbing, and read like the posts from faith-healing cult survivors.

Our minds can be fooled, as can our senses:  Five Mind-blowing Ways our Senses can Lie to You Every Day.  Things like that remind me that even if every story of the Bible were true, we'd still be relying on the fallible senses of people who claimed to have seen and heard magical things.

Muslims are mocking ISIS in scathing parodies.  Considering ISIS's penchant for video propaganda, this has to hurt.

The principal of the White Oak, TX, high school will no longer be reading daily Bible passages over the P.A. system.  After a student recorded this and sent the sound files to Hemant Mehta, FFRF sent a letter.   These people aren't just clueless about the First Amendment, they apparently are clueless about the nature of the age they live in. Every kid has a cell phone that can record audio and video.  They can't keep their secrets within school walls anymore.
The Onion explains the greatest mystery of all.  Apparently prayers aren't answered because most of God's Gifts burn up in the atmosphere!


Infidel753 said...

Another example of Muslims using mockery against ISIS. The pomposity and humorlessness of religious extremists makes them a juicy target for ridicule.

Gwen said...

This is so interesting! The ISIS case is hopeless. Their brutal actions are definitely worthy of criticisms and mockery. This reminded me of the amusing article Holy Phoners by Simone Klugman! :)