Sunday, March 8, 2015

Some random links and stuff

Why is/was Farmville so addicitve?  It's the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

James Randi has a moral duty to debunk.  His biopic, An Honest Liar, is reviewed by the New York Times.

Letters to the Guardian newspaper argue against John Gray's What Scares the New Atheists (which is not worth reading but I link it anyway -  apparently every bad thing an atheist movement ever did taints the current movement)

...or it could be that angry atheists get more press.


L.Long said...

What scares Atheists>> Well for me that would be sharks swimming where I am, People with guns, and NC drivers.

Anonymous said...

If every bad thing some atheists have done taints the reputation of atheism, does every bad thing religious people have done taint the reputation of religion?

Because if that were the case, we ought to be done here...