Thursday, May 21, 2015

Duggar Sex Crime Scandal

Yes, I said "Sex Crime Scandal" not "Sex Scandal."  A sex scandal is when a consenting adult gets busted having sex with a consenting adult that the rest of us don't approve of.  Child molestation is a crime.  It's not a "sex scandal."

Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, here are the details:

Josh Duggar, the oldest Duggar child, forcibly fondled underaged girls, including his sisters, while they slept and at other times.  This was in 2002-2003, when he was 14.   TMZ tells the sordid story:
Jim  Bob, the dad, met with church elders and agreed Josh should be put in a treatment program.  The police report says Josh's mom, Michelle, said it wasn't really a treatment center ... they simply sent Josh to a guy who was remodeling a building to do manual labor.
In 2006, the family was scheduled to appear on "Oprah," and before the show someone sent an email to Harpo warning that Josh had molested girls. Harpo forwarded the email to a hotline, which triggered a police investigation.
Cops wanted to question Josh, but Jim Bob lawyered him up and Josh declined the invitation.
First, good for Oprah (I haven't found out if the show was cancelled) and her crew.  Second, shame on Jim Bob and the "elders" who dropped the ball.  Third, shame on Josh, though at 14 who knows what was going on in his mind.  How did he learn to sneak up on sleeping children and fondle them?  We will probably never know, but I suspect he learned from example.  Fourth, shame on the Family Research Council for sucking up to the Duggars and hiring Josh.  How qualified could he have been when he was a home-schooling victim? has the police report and more details:
Michelle Duggar later admitted to police that Josh did not receive counseling and instead had been sent during that time to a family friend who was in the home remodeling business.
Asked about the training center that Jim Bob said Josh was sent to, Michelle told police, according to the report, “it was not really a training center. Det. [Darrell] Hignite asked if the guy [redacted, Josh] talked to was a certified counselor. She said no. She said it was a guy they know in Little Rock that is remodeling a building. Det. Hignite asked if the guy was more of a mentor. She said “kind of.
So... shame on Michelle for not doing anything to prevent additional harm to her daughters!

Here's some of the police report, from In Touch:

In 2006, when authorities wanted to interview Josh, Jim Bob lawyered up and refused to let them do it.  After all, he had already had his pal, a cop who has since been convicted of child pornography crimes, give Josh a stern talking-to.

Not only that, but God has forgiven Josh, the girls have forgiven him, and Josh got more godly and less horny after hanging out with the remodeler.  That must have been some mentoring!

This kind of thing is why atheists are angry!  This atheist, anyway.  Did those girls get any counseling?  Did they have the choice not to forgive their brother?  Were they protected in any way from further molestation in the family?  As the family continued to grow to include 19 kids, could the parents really prevent it?

The girls in this family, and in the Christian patriarchy movement in general, have no say in anything.  Daddy takes care of things in his way, and his way is not to be questioned.  The elders, all men of course, can advise Daddy but if he doesn't want the girls' opinion he doesn't have to ask for it.

These are the "family values" that the Family Research Council and the rest of the movement promotes.  If you can call them "values."


maindawg said...

I wonder where social services are? If this was a poor family I am sure the children would have been removed from the home until every one was sure they were safe. Double standard ? I hope there is some legal authority somewhere who has the authority and the motivation to investigate, this whole thing stinks. These children are being held captive by their twisted parents and their twisted associates. The cover up by the parents is also a crime.

LadyAtheist said...

Apparently the state was on the case (see my next post)

Ahab said...

I'm experiencing a great deal of schadenfreude now that Jim Bob and Michelle's gravy train has come to a screeching halt. However, I my heart breaks for Josh's victims. They deserved safety, sensitivity, and healing, not a cover-up.

El Rondo said...

Nearly all pedophiles are Christians. Chances are Josh was also molested. That's no excuse and he is trash.