Thursday, May 28, 2015

More about the Duggars...

If you haven't seen the Funny or Die video, it's must-see internet TV!  And too true -- Josh Duggar's sexual molestation of his sisters and possibly other little girls is all about him, not them.

Think I'm exaggerating?  Today it was disclosed that Josh sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services for investigating the family, despite learning that his "mistake" was not prosecutable because the statute of limitations had run out.  It seems that someone in a government position (yes, the guvmint!) realized the perpetrator and victims were still living under the same roof and wanted to ensure that no more "mistakes" were happening.

Because it's all about him.  Not about little girls who were violated in their own beds and then taught that girls that have been touched are like a bicycle that's been stolen and then returned as a beat-up wreck.

Although they (the Duggar daughters who wrote Growing Up Duggar) are careful to affirm evangelical theology that God will forgive even the gravest sin, the Duggars think of virginity as a “gift” one presents to a future spouse.
They recount a story their father, Jim Bob tells about parents who bought their child a brand new bike. Before the parents could present the bike, a neighbor child stole it and rode it around, scratched it up, and dented the frame. Although the parents gave the bike to their child anyway, he was understandably disappointed with its condition.
In this construction (a not too subtle one!) the bike is the female body, and the little boy is a future husband. Women’s bodies can be “stolen” by dangerous other men, and if they are, their future husbands will be understandably disappointed. Dating and premarital sex are not expressive in the Duggar construction (and evangelical purity rhetoric more broadly), they render women used and broken.


Resonance said...

The way this was handled was very atrocious, but the scandal may hopefully shed some light on the sick quiver full movement. The misogyny aside, attention could be diverted to Josh in an attempt to hide something worse. The way these fundies indoctrinate and manipulate women probably does involve some form of molestation and shame. This is just an opinion, but judging from the backgrounds of the people they first told about this you see a definite pattern.

El Rondo said...

Mike Huckabee justified Duggar's behavior by saying that from a biblical perspective it was legal. Pedophilia is rampant among far right Christians.

The Bible belt as the highest teen pregnancy rates, most murder and most divorces. Christians and Muslims are overly represented in prisons compared to everyone else.

My blog is called God is Hate. If you google it you will find it.