Saturday, June 11, 2016

Whew! It's not just me

Like I said before, I agree with much of what Bernie says but I decided to vote for Clinton. As a lifelong Democrat who has voted in every primary since I turned 18, I know overpromising when I see it. I think it's great that Sanders energized voters, but he also spun off a cult-like devotion that's undeserved. (Well, any cult-like devotion is undeserved).

I worried about my friends' gullibility and uncritical reposting of nonssensical stuff. I still do. With one more primary (that Clinton will likely win by a wide margin) to go, and high-level Democrats endorsing Clinton, the more hysterical members of the Sanders fan club are grasping desperately to half-truths and slippery math to hang onto their hope for a win. They are also uncritically passing along paranoid conspiracy theories. Things like that are a kind of Godwin's Law for me: If you have to resort to bad logic and shady "facts," you have in essence declared yourself a loser.

But now beyond that, they are becoming laughingstocks. attacks them brutally:

Bernie Fan: “Where Did All These Clinton Voters I’ve Been Willfully Ignoring Come From?”

Dude, I’m so fucking irate about this rigged election right now, it’s not even funny. But even though rage is definitely my dominant emotion, a close second is confusion. You see, there’s a question that’s been haunting me each and every Tuesday, when we start seeing the results from non-caucuses come in:

Where did all these Clinton voters I’ve been willfully ignoring come from?

Seriously, is it just me, or is there something highly suspicious about the fact that suddenly millions of Californians turned out for $hillary, even after I’ve spent months fastidiously blocking them from my pint-sized consciousness? I can’t shake this eerie feeling that the Bernie Sanders 2016 subreddit isn’t an exact mirror of reality.

...It sounds cynical, and I hate to admit it, but the sad truth is that no matter how painstakingly hard you avoid people outside of your highly homogeneous social circle, the system is always going to recognize their existence. It’s almost like when I search Twitter for the #ImWithHer hashtag, the people who I send death threats actually exist.

Ya-huh, bro: shit is fucked.
Yeah, real people voted on real ballots (mail-in and otherwise) consulting only their consciouses instead of reddit, or perhaps just brainwashed by the Mainstream Media (MSM).

As they say, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean you're not paranoid.


Woody said...

Good post, Lady Atheist.
Being an Aussie, I have little interest in the competing American political groups, apart from the fact that you people are supposedly our allies.
Being of mostly conservative political attitude, I can hardly agree with the Clinton mess, but hey, our country has it's own political problems.
Please keep following your instincts, as I follow mine.

All the best,

Alan Paine said...

I actually agree. Still, I've never voted. Unfortunately, I'm called to care in this election. How do you folks do it? Bernie Supporters Endgame: