Tuesday, February 1, 2011

God hates "God's Country"

My college years were spent in Wisconsin, which I was informed by some townies is "God's Country."  Since then I have lived in a few other states that claimed to be "God's Country."  In the Northeast the word "country" signified hick music and toothless miners, so they made no such claims.  (I suspect a superiority complex - no need to assign a deity to the best city in the world)

And now 100,000,000 people, mostly in "God's Country" are being tormented by ice, sleet, snow and wind.  God hates the Midwest, obviously.

It's up to the atheists to make that declaration.  Fundy televangelists were quick to blame Katrina on New Orleans' lack of morals, but where is God's wrath when the midwest is attacked by an "act of God?"

If they look hard enough they can find reasons why God would smite the people in his "country." 

I think hubris is reason enough.  Bigotry is a good one. 

I was going to make a list but I live amongst these people.  Suffice it to say, winter sucks, and that's all there is to it.  And New Orleans is in a part of the country that's subject to hurricanes.  And California is prone to earthquakes.  These things aren't "Acts of God" because 1) there is no god and 2) there is no agency to any of this.  Weather just happens.


L.Long said...

Yes they are getting hammered in OK cuz they wanted to suppress g0d's holey word and outlaw the KaKaKoran and sorri-arse Law. So now they pay the price for their blasphemy!

Ahab said...

Give that the Superbowl is approaching, maybe this is God's way of rooting for the Steelers? :)

Never Was An Arrow II said...

IN JUST ABOUT every post you conclude and disclose to us that God doesn't exist.

Who knows…maybe one day you'll even believe it!

B.R. said...

@Never Was An Arrow II;

Must you use every single post as an opportunity to showcase your stupidity? Say something intelligent for once.