Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony hysteria

While athiests have been distracting themselves over whether it's okay for a man to invite a woman to his room late at night in an elevator in a hotel, the rest of the world barely noticed because CASEY ANTHONY WAS FOUND "NOT GUILTY"

Google news gives you some indication of the hysteria with the number of stories it links:

Casey Anthony Story:  all 13,399 news articles »

Space Shuttle's final launch: all 8,336 news articles »

House cancels July recess:  all 32 news articles » (to work on the deficit issue)
Karachi violence leaves 95 dead:  all 715 news articles »

Will & Kate in Canada: all 4,921 news articles »
127 people die in plane crash in The Congo: all 340 news articles »

Harold Camping moves into nursing home:  all 233 news articles » (he had a stroke a month ago)

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LadyAtheist said...

Update! I was watching Nancy Grace while finishing this, and they broke away to show pictures of a new missing baby from Michigan. When I went to google news to look for the story I found that the baby has been missing since SATURDAY! Then the final minutes of Nancy Grace went back to the sappy song whipped out by Rascal Flatts with pictures of Caylee. Pictures of Caylee do nothing for that baby, but more pictures of that missing baby could save a life.

That's the sickness of obsession, I guess.

If you want to obsess about a missing baby that needs attention, here's one news item to start you: