Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baptising a Dead Atheist

Mitt Romney's family baptised his atheist stepfather into the mormon faith after his death.

Now there is a bit of (twisted) logic to doing genealogical research to "save" your ancestors who never heard of Mormonism, but this guy was a staunch atheist to his dying day.  Yep, until that day, but apparently not afterward.  And rather than merely pray for his soul, they had a ceremony with a family member standing in for him.  ... or rather enduring water torture for him.

They did it at the temple in Salt Lake City, at a baptismal thingy that has cows supporting it.  Does the congregation moooo when the thing has been done?  I hope so because if dad-in-law's spirit does indeed live on it was probably LOL'ing at the ridiculousness of it.

Wouldn't God prefer people who actually believe in him as ummm  believers?  What could be the purpose of baptising a dead atheist against his will?  You wouldn't baptise living people against their will (unless you're Mother Teresa).

Could the Mormon religion be any stupider? 

I did have to chuckle at the highest-rated comment to this article (so far):
I'm not surprised at all. I baptized a pet squirrel once after he died. He's waiting for me on the other side. I was screaming, "DON'T GO TOWARD THE LIGHT". But it was all too late

- resident, somewhere in America, 29/1/2012 23:04

If mormons would baptise their pets, I'd be a little more sympathetic toward them.  After all, my pets have more cognitive facilities than the fetuses they worry about.  I think they deserve a place in heaven.  They would howl if the heavenly angels sang out of tune, though.  They hate that.



Allusive Atheist said...

Waterboarding the dead is a crime against humanity.

Chatpilot said...

I guess that's one way to convert an atheist to the stupidity of religion. Although technically for a deceased atheist it has as much meaning as Christ dying by proxy for the sins of the world. Zilch, zero, nada!

Cyc said...

They baptized a dead guy using an bovine themed swimming pool.

Are we sure the Mormon church is not actually Poe's Law gone viral?

LadyAtheist said...

Cyc, I'm not sure.

Chatpilot, I agree that it means nothing but if he knew they were doing it he'd be mad as hell!

A.A., I don't think the Hague has a court for crimes against the dead.

Rob Crompton said...

Yes, it's a Mormon thing, this proxy baptism on behalf of dead ancestors. that's why all Mormons are obliged to research their genealogies - and then get baptised for each one of their ancestors.

B.R. said...

This is pretty weird. But also funny as hell. Baptizing dead atheists? What a novel idea! LOL.

LadyAtheist said...

I wonder if we should all put a statement in our wills that we should never ever ever be baptised by proxy. Would they respect those wishes?

Infidel753 said...

Well, you could ask Bill Maher to deal with it.

Anonymous said...


Mormons believe the baptism ritual is only half of the equation. They also believe the dead have the choice of accepting it or not.