Sunday, January 15, 2012

God Cares About Stolen Cars,0,7632994.column

Indianapolis, Ind.

A Crawfordsville couple's Jeep was lost but now it's found, and they say God is to thank.

On December 9th, Jared and Angela Pickett's Jeep disappeared from their Crawfordsville apartment.

"It was like I wanted to cry and then I wanted to be mad," said Angela Pickett. "But I'm like, 'who can I get mad at?'"

They were partially mad at themselves. Jared Pickett left his keys inside the Jeep between running errands, and he couldn't lock his driver's side door because he'd just replaced it with mismatched a dark green one...
After a week of praying for the best, the family began to lose hope...
"I had just come to the conclusion that we weren't ever going to get it back," Jared Pickett said. "We were going to have to cancel our family vacation that we were going to take this summer, so that we could replace the vehicle that we had got stolen."

Those plans changed Friday. Angela Pickett was at a youth convention at Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis. Before worship, she got lost while driving in search of breakfast. Her GPS took her to I-465 and she decided to get off at 10th Street. A few minutes later, she drove past Allison transmission and saw what appeared to be her husband's Jeep parked in a small parking lot.

... "I was in shock. I just texted all my friends. I'm like, 'I just found my husband's Jeep,'" Angela Pickett said. "It was a miracle. God led me to his Jeep."

Jared Pickett admits he had a hard time believing it until he saw his Jeep completely intact. Despite a mess left inside, he also found some valuable tools and his National Guard helmet left behind.

"Thank goodness," Jared Pickett said. "I couldn't believe that they didn't steal anything."

uhhh they stole the Jeep!  Maybe the GPS in the Jeep was as lame as the GPS in their car and the theives got lost too.

This was a very lucky thing but eventually that Jeep would have been recovered.  They would have credited Gawd if the cops had found it too.

I think the thieves prayed for a Jeep to ride around in while they smoked their weed or looked for their dealer.  Then, they came across this Jeep with the keys inside and thought "Hallelujah, God wants us to steal this Jeep."  So then they took their joyride, got lost, and parked it in a lot where a better vehicle was there for the taking.  God led them to that vehicle too.


Linda said...

God doesn't intervene to save dying babies but he takes time to help you find your jeep... what an awesome god. Those people must be really special. SMH, I just don't know what to say.

Cyc said...

When asked as to whether god also intended their jeep to get stolen in the first place, Pickett stated:

"Of course not, that was Satan's or his followers doing!"

The interviewer further questioned as to whether this meant satan was more powerful then god, Pickett responded in protest with:

"Of course not, God is almighty!"

"The next question," continued the interviewer "is why would god allow for the the jeep to be stolen by people that he allowed to be mislead by someone he is supposed to be stronger than (I.E. satan)? Couldn't he have just prevented the whole thing from happening and saved you and your family a lot of stress?"

After a few moments and a few blinks that indicated a slowing mental processor, Pickett responded with:

"...God works in mysterious ways!"

It was not long before Pickett was only able to respond in such cliches and the interview was effectively over.

krissthesexyatheist said...

God stole the Jeep in the first place, right. Awesome buddy, hope all is well-n-stuff,