Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Crazyass Christian Cult that Abuses Children

WACO, Texas - Homestead Heritage, just outside of Waco, has been revered as a model of Christian values. But is it a Utopian commune, or as some suggest, a extreme group of believers putting children at risk?

Videos posted on the Homestead Heritage web site present to the public the wholesome image, bolstering its perception as a beloved staple of the community for two decades. The estimated 1,000 members, crafting a pristine portrait of communal bliss.

But many who have left the church and its 500-acre, gated compound, paint a much different picture. One of a secretive and tightly-controlled religious environment...

According to Homestead’s membership contract, the aspiring members agree "to never bring before the public outside our church... any accusations or wrongdoing or any charge, lawsuit or court action." Agreeing "that all disputes be settled within the confines of the church."... and in return... "the church agrees to never expose a member's shortcomings and sins to any outside it's covenant."

The greatest sins, some former members say, are committed against children and teens. From emotional to physical, even sexual abuse.

News 8 has learned that in the past seven years, five individuals, either members of, or with close ties to Homestead, have been convicted of sexually abusing a child within the Homestead community...

Becky Crow, a former pastor's wife who left the church ten years ago, tells News 8 the abuse was common.

“Many heartbreaking stories of broken lives have been shared with me,” Crow said. “Some have not only been raped, they have been sold for other's sexual perversion by the ones who should have protected them."

Attorney Greg Love has represented abuse victims across the country, and said the stories of abuse at Homestead fit a pattern.

“When you get these closed communities and part of the fabric of that community is, information stays on the inside, behavior stays on the inside, how we do things stays on the inside,” Love said. “Even if those behaviors are injurious to a child, and you are discouraged from bringing in the outside, you really find children at risk."


B.R. said...

I can't even muster a sensation of shock at this story; just a tired apathy and contempt for the endless stupidity and gullibility of the religious. Let's hope that their shaman doesn't pass out Kool Aid tomorrow; the idiots would probably gulp it right down.

Anonymous said...

This place is such a joke. If only it could just never exist. Whenever I was in high school and got off the bus, I could hear the measly home-schooled children laugh or snicker (I'm guessing because I went to a public school.) They don't all live that community together. At least I won't be homestuck like their women are.
Not to mention a situation that happened involving one of their "friends" or whatever which was just not even humane. (Personally, why some people should keep comments to themselves unless they know the whole story or have been through it, not throw in their worthless opinion.)
They make their money from all of those craft fairs and a construction company.

Sadie said...

I was there. What Becky says is true. I have 8 younger siblings and we were all abused by our own parents - and we knew many of the kids were being passed around like toys.