Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust


Dateline:  Tallahassee:  Minister Steps Down, Says She's An Atheist

A local minister stepped down from her post just before announcing she is an atheist.

A member of Lake Jackson United Methodist in Tallahassee says Teresa MacBain left the church Friday, March 30.

A day later, a video was posted online from a recent American Atheist Conference.

In it, MacBain came out as an atheist to the crowd.

Church members are meeting tonight to discuss leadership plans in her absence.

MacBain was with the church since 2009.

Very courageous of her to "come out" in public that way.  I hope we'll be hearing more from her in the atheist blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

I agree that it was very courageous of her to do what she did. There seems to be a misconception that all atheists are somehow mean and violent people. I get that sometimes and I'm not violent towards others at all. I have gotten angry at people and yelled and cussed but I'm not a physically violent person. My bark is alot stronger than my bite.

Grundy said...

Do you think it would have been inappropriate for her to come out to her congregation while church was in session?

LadyAtheist said...

Cole they tell their victims that the only thing between them and felonies is their religion, which of course is wrong (most of the time).

Grundy, yes, her job in church is to do the church thing, so saying what she did other ways was the proper thing to do in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I use to feel hopeless too when I first came across the problem of suffering on John's blog. I got angry and upset and even terrified. I became an agnostic at first but the insecurity with myself and death would come back and I went to mystical Christianity. Then to just a Higher Power. Then back to mysticism. Then to New Age, etc., etc., etc. It wasn't until I found a solution to the "existential problem" that I finally calmed down and lost my anxieties about death. I still feel them trying to come back every now and then but I know how to handle it now without getting all freaked out. I'm also learning to be myself instead of trying to be like someone else. Anyway, even though I got real crazy and freaked out for awhile, I still refrained from being violent towards others. I guess some people are just unable to overcome those anxieties without going nuts and blowing buildings up and killing people. I mean, during my delusional episodes I never hurt anybody either. I know some people do but I never did.