Thursday, April 5, 2012

That Idiotic Duggar Family

Duggar baby #20 died in utero.  They dug the thing out and gave her a funeral, complete with photos of mom holding the fetus' hand.  My Christian Facebook friends were bawling their eyes out.  Yes, the stupid TV show exploiting these crazy people showed that shite.

Oh puh-leeze.  That woman should have had her tubes tied years ago.  Instead, she's allowing her body to be used by Jebus to show America that Christians should increase their numbers by, well, increasing their numbers.

How can someone who is 45 years old and has had 19 children really expect #20 to be healthy?  #19 had problems.  Focus on that one.   In fact, focus on all the ones that are still little enough to need their real parents, not teenage siblings acting as surrogate parents so the parents can focus on babies.  The whole arrangment is sick, sick, sick.

Not to be outdone, TLC is starting a "reality" show about their goofy "friends"called the Bates family.  I wonder if they own a motel.  With 18 kids they'll need that many rooms.

This "be fruitful and multiply" movement is really creepy.  And curiously, not every mom is happy to be used as a breeding mare.

This brings up a little-known cult called "Quiverfull" that believes in population explosion of Christians by using woman as breeders.  One of their successful moms was Andrea Yates, who was so determined to keep her kids sin-free that she drowned all five of them to keep them from going to Hell.  Andrea Yates has sought permission to escape from state custody every Sunday to return to the slavery of her church for an hour.  That's like letting the Manson girls visit Charlie in the hoosegow for an hour a week.  Really?  WTF?  Her attorney describes this as a "baby step" towards rejoining the community.  uhhhh which community?  Why should anyone who has killed FIVE children be taking baby steps anywhere but within the walls of the nut house?


krissthesexyatheist said...

First of all...I'm glad I don't have a TV, because I would totally watch that shit.'s unfair I (and my bro and sis) have no kids, but these losers do and lastly...hope all is well, buddy.


Ipecac said...

I completely agree. That's some messed-up crap. What did they expect would happen?

Buffy said...

The Duggars are creepy and that whole babysprinkler cult mentality is disgusting. As for Andrea Yates, she should get her churching right in the nuthouse. If they wouldn't spring her to go shopping or to see porn films why should they do it for church? It's disgusting the way religion and religious people are given special rights.

Chatpilot said...

Andrea Yates should be treated like any other murderer, even more so since the ones she murdered were her kids. They should keep that nut in state prison with a life sentence with no possibility of parole and in solitary confinement for the duration of her miserable life.

That Duggar women is a bonafide fanatical nut job. She needs to stop trying to have kids and worry about the ones she has.

B.R. said...

Cthulhu damn it, this shit is creepy and messed up. Mrs. Duggar has been completely brainwashed to accept her role as a breeding animal, as per the ways of the Wholly Babble. She's even shown up on FSTDT.

LadyAtheist said...

Both of these mothers are batshit crazy brainwashed victims of destructive cults. I feel sorry for them but the hold their nutty religion has on them seems so powerful I wonder about any future for people trapped into those glassy eyed cults.

Meghu said...

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Anonymous said...

That's the bible belt 4u i know people from that area they closed minded bible thumping assholes who are anti-gay hypocrite s

Bleu said...

I'm a progressive Christian and I certainly would not cry my eyes out one bit, Why?
Because medically speaking She is destroying her body and putting future children at risk.
The miscarriages happen when a body cannot sustain a child!
Since she has basically ravaged hers now that's happening.
What she is doing is akin to murder.
Her mind needs examining.Perhaps even counseling brainwashed cult escapees undergo.