Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Penn Jillette on Piers Morgan's show

Jillette gets grilled on atheism by a devout Catholic.  I admire him for not busting out laughing and actually answering the stupid questions.   "How does an atheist fix the economy?"  What the heck?  Do Christians run the economy through prayer?  Well, actually that would explain a few things.


S A said...

Morgan is a nitwit. Jillette is great. Always is, even on fluff like Celebrity Apprentice. Because of this interview I am going to order God No. (Thanks, Piers Morgan!)

Tommykey said...

Theists like to pose questions like "where did we come from?" because they think there is supposed to be a simple answer and their religion provides one. But why should I believe their explanation is correct? Life is a process of discovery, and it is only in recent decades that we are even in a position to start grasping the enormity of our universe, the processes involved in the formation of stars and planets, the evolution of life and so forth.

A lot of theists suffer from human egocentrism. Since we are the most advanced species we know of, they have to believe that our existence is part of somebody's plan.