Monday, June 25, 2012

More Child Abuse by Christian "Parents"

Muncie parents face neglect charges after not feeding children

MUNCIE — Two parents are in jail after admitting to not feeding their young children for days a time, leaving one child hospitalized for severe malnourishment.

Amy J. Doty, 34, and Jason Doty, 40, were jailed Friday, each facing two charges of neglect of a dependent, one a Class B felony and one a Class D felony. Both were being held without bond.... 

The family moved to Branson, Mo., in March “to follow a church ministry,” both parents told police according to probable cause affidavits. Once their savings were used up, they didn’t have the resources to feed their children or themselves; as a result, the children would go for 2-4 days at a time without anything to eat besides water and maybe a few crackers, Cook said.

...By the time the Dotys returned to Muncie on June 16, both children were visibly underweight — the 19-month-old weighing only 17 pounds, according to cook — and the toddler had been unable to walk for the past few weeks. Amy and Jason Doty also admitted to police that the children would complain of being hungry.

... Both children were visibly underweight, but the younger child’s appearance in particular resembled photos of starving children in a third-world country, Cook said.
 What the hell is wrong with this picture?  Were they just following the example of their wonderful God who allows babies to starve every day?


Tommykey said...

What cracked me up was one of the commenters criticing the others, saying something about "how about we help them be better parents."

Sheesh, the father was 40 years old and the mom 34. We're not talking about ignorant teenagers.

LadyAtheist said...

ahhhhh should have linked the local story for the comments. One of the commenters says the couple both quit their jobs to "stay at home with the kids." huh? You can't win a Darwin award by killing your own children, so what was their goal in becoming jobless and then homeless? Someone else there suspects a cult. So do I. I wonder if we'll find out what goofy church they belong to.

B.R. said...

LA, why do you insist upon posting stories that erode my already thin faith in humanity? WHY?? But yeah, this is the kind of crap religion breeds. I just wish I could meet these fine folks; there's some real estate in Brooklyn I want to sell, and if they're not in the market for a bridge yet, they will be.

LadyAtheist said...

Distressing, isn't it? :-(

L.Long said...

And where did they say that the parents where skinny and malnourished??
It nice to see how the high moral standards of the religious allow the parents to eat OK but ignore the beloved kids under their loving care.

krissthesexyatheist said...

Thaniks for not putting any photo's up. I don't feel like crying right now. (Sort of) I can see a faith based parent withholding medical treatment because they believe that God will cure them, but not eating. Really, they are so stupid or so devout that they don't halfta feed the kids. I that is God's love I don't want any of that.


LadyAtheist said...

I think we all know what a starving baby looks like. I'll leave that to the imagination.

The mom looks like she might be a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome so she might be dim, but how dim would she have to be not to know that her kids need food?