Sunday, July 22, 2012

The week in links

Tom Vilsack is an individual who works for the government and says prayers that appear to be answered but not for the people he prayed for.  This is not unconstitutional!  (but it is a waste of taxpayer money if he does it on the clock)  It pains me when atheists make a fuss oversomething that's not illegal.  If anything, he should be taken to task for not explaining to the farmers who voted Republican that they are being punished by God.

Missouri will vote on the stupidest law ever.  Someone has told these cretins that the First Amendment can prevent them from praying in public.  Someone needs to explain to Missourians the difference between praying in public as a citizen and praying in public as a public official.

Got Prayer?  2700 students gather for "Prayer Fest."  Because just praying in your church isn't good enough to get God's attention.

Katie Holmes returns to the Catholic church, which she was brought up in,  and enrolls Suri in a posh Catholic school (@ almost $40k/year).  I didn't even know there were any posh Catholic schools!  If going to the school that produced Lady Gaga is an improvement over a Scientology education, I really wonder about that Scientology "education."

Why Scientologists buy the Xenu story.  "OK, so there's a galactic overlord named Xenu. Big deal. That's not the craziest thing you're going to hear on your way to spending three hundred thousand dollars."

An evangelical Christian has written a book called The Mormonization of America.  Oh horrors!  The other side is prosletyzing too!  You can't make this stuff up.

An evangelical blogger takes other evangelicals to task for a lack of intellectual and scholarly integrity.  He ends his blog post by saying he's open to criticism.

Referenced in the above blog post:  The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, a 1995 book that apparently still holds true.  The first sentence:  "The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is no evangelical mind."

Westboro Baptist Church plans to "super-picket" funerals in Aurora, Colorado.  Oh goody.  Just what the situation calls for: more theatre.

The Episcopal Church approves same-sex marriage ceremony officially, but they're not calling the ceremony a marriage ceremony.  Uhhh okaaaaay

In Australia, priests may be required to report crimes they hear about in confession. 

Strange faith healing technique:  kicking people in the face.  The article says the guy is all over youtube so of course I had to check.  Many of the videos label him a "false" healer (as if there are true ones) or "false teacher."  The Holy Spirit said "Kick her in the Face."  Yes, he said it!  Then, at other times he sounds like a bad Bill Clinton imitator.  (Go to 4:30 to see his imitation of Clinton masturbating)

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